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Kanye West's GOOD Music - Cruel Summer


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Pretty much how I feel. I haven't listened to the full album yet (waiting for the full official leak) but from what I've heard, I like...

To the World

Mercy (single version)

New God Flow (single version)

Cold (single version)

Don't Like (Remix) (single version?)

Only one I've heard that I'm not big on is Clique, but I'm not expecting much on the album tracks.

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After a few days of listening, I think it's a great album. The singles (Mercy, Clique, New God Flow, Don't Like) are amazing and it's a shame they were all released before the album. I think The Morning could be a great single with a better lineup, there's like 7 guys in that song when it's 5 minutes long. A lot of the songs suffer from that- a lot of potential but ruined by the lineup choice. Who the fuck are Cocaine 80s and Ma$e and why are they on this masterpiece of a song, Higher?

Where was Mr. Hudson? I'd rather hear him than Ma$e, Cocaine 80s, and Raekwon. 2chainz should've been more prominently featured, and it was a really bad decision to put him on The One. It's too serious of a song. It was also terrible how they made 2chainz do his "YAAAA" at the beginning of random verses even if he's not in the song. What a tease.

Cruel Summer doesn't hold a candle to Kanye's solo work but it's better than MMG's recent album.

Reasonable but still amazing Cruel Summer lineup:


Big Sean

Pusha T

Kid Cudi

2 Chainz (not confirmed for G.O.O.D. yet but whatever)



Mr. Hudson

John Legend

Teyana Taylor

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