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If You Had To Make A Slash Mix....


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What would be on it? Anything post-GN'R. One-offs, guest appearances, etc. count too.

- Saint Is A Sinner Too

- Do It For The Kids

- Ghost

- Set Me Free

- Street Child (Elan)

- Illegal I

- American Man

- Slither

- Obsession Confession (That other Spanish chick)

- Superhuman

- Headspace

- Loving The Alien

- Dirty Little Thing

- Anxious Disease (Outpatience)

- Mother Maria

- Just 16

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I feel like Slash's output is better than the rest of the original members. Izzy's got some solid, bluesy stuff. But it's a little too laid back for me. I like maybe 2 songs from Axl. Can't get into Adler. Duff has VR, as well, but Loaded's not my thing.

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