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Song that GNR should cover


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I do personally like when Guns covers songs, and I don't think they cover tunes enough. But I'm pumped for the Vegas residency! The following song is a song that's metal enough for this group to cover... Making Love out of nothing at all. Incredible, deep, heavy, just incredible. This band would win people over if they covered this tune...hell, people would forget all about that defining moment for GNR when Axl chose not to show up for the HOF.

Anyways, Axl, if you're reading, please cover this tune. The REAL Guns N Roses are in vegas currently, and now is the time to play the greatest ballad of all time!!!

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I am not sure if “should” is the right word as they have so many of their own songs to choose from. The main thing is that they like the song,

each particular audience likes the song and it fits Axl’s voice.

If they covered someone less famous, it would really surprise them and make their day. This is how a big GNR fan Jonne Aaron from Negative

reacted when he heard a new version (different lyrics and “soft”) of his song (Still alive and rock). Jump to 1:10,

she is singing: Let me dare journey with my heart open, even if I would get lost I know I’ll find my way back. The ad lasts 30 secs.


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