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New Bowie album

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Love the song. It is incredibly fucking beautifully awesome that Bowie is BACK. So glad to hear the edgy and driven Bowie again.. I liked Where Are We Now well enough but it was kinda very mellow old people music type of a thing. At least in Studio he still sounds exactly as he did 10 years back. On Stars are out, I'm hearing 1:1 the same vocal range he had on Reality. Is Guitar in the beginning totally flirting with intro of Station to Station? This is gonna be very nostalgic album. Lyrics are great too.. it is unusual to hear like..post 1989 Bowie song and actually believe you have some kind of an idea of wtf he is singing about on 1st listen. Refreshing:D

Awesome video.

New Bowie new Nin new everything!! fuck yeaaaaah

Seeing him live during Reality is easily my favorite gig ever.

Thanks for the link I've been listening the song but hadn't found the vid just yet



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I do quite like the album, but this had me in fits:


"The unexpected release of Where Are We Now has left fans with very little time to practice their opinions, noises and facial movements.

However, with many approaching middle age, they have a stockpile of noncommittal nods and smiles used for listening to their kids play the recorder, or their spouse tell the same story for the 800th time"

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^ Yes, please. A tour for those who've never been lucky enough to see him would be amazing.

I first saw Bowie back in 71 in NYC at Radio city music hall. It was on Valentine's day at 11:00 p.m. the show was fucking amazing.

He was Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars tour. Mick Ronson was his guitar player. The show was both musically great and visually stunning. All the costume changes bowie did with each song he sang. It was an experience like no other. He created new characters with each album he released. I saw him many times during the 70's.

It's great to see him looking so fit and sounding so damn good. His voice was always unique sounding. I'm glad his back. He's a wonderful singer/song writer and I don't care how old he is, he's still a damn good rocker!

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