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Ron and Dizzy on The Morning Show (Australia)

Ace Frehley

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Was just in the office upstairs at work and could hear SCOM coming from somewhere. Went into the lunchroom and this was on the tele.


Sorry it's only a link. I don't know how to post videos. Hope it works.

It's pretty cheesy and lame, but good to see the guys get some press.

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when that guy goes in to shake Ron's hand and surprises him with a back grab, watch Ron's face...you can see him wince in pain. Felt pretty bad for him.

It was a fun jokey interview but the male journalist really got on my nerves. He's not funny, period.

It's cool to see the new band being interviewed but I did notice the journalists have a habit of mentioning "the old days" and jokingly referencing nights they don't remember, which of course is sort of nonsense since Ron has probably been relatively sober for his entire stint in GN'R. if I were them i'd do a little background research first and figure out that these bandmembers weren't original members and ask more relevant questions, e.g. instead of joking around about blacked-out nights on the road in the old band's heyday, ask about their experiences in the last few years, new material, etc.

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