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Axl's nose


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I think Axl always had a cool perfect rock star nose.

It is a little feminine but looks great and you can see luckily for him he never had trauma on hit,,,

Even at 50 years old it stands out for being perfect.

I had a rhynoplaty do to sports injuries and it still dose not look as perfect is Axl's

You got a perfect nose dude even Courtney love said it ...

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pic? wtf! I only like musicians with a good nose. Of course, if you are worried about your nose, a mustache might remove focus. Is Axl's nose great or is it offset by mustache? This is life or death shit people. comparison pics are demanded for those who have time to do these things.

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Adrian brody has a horrible nose. So does guy in picture (whoever he is). So do I!


It's fuckin' Fortus man.

yeah I know. Don't nobody give a shit about Fortus. Prolly cuz is in Axl's shadow (gut or maybe 'stache, or maybe fedora, who the fuck knows). Brody at least has a nose that has character).

"Fuck that Oscar... my nose is comparable to that there guitar player who is currently in GnR. Maybe I can play some piano with him. Prolly shouldn't sing though..."

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