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Oh My God Appreciation Thread


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Oh My God was the start of the end...They fuckin ruined what could have been a great song by only having a demo ready for a soundtrack... how ridiculous...and even more ridiculous the label agreed to release it...

This is the OMG Appreciation thread

I still think it's a great song, but definitely far from being finished. And when you put something unfinished on a soundtrack... well...

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..are these lyrics correct ?

'shuffle' i always thought it was 'shark pool' :D

also I think it should be 'cause nobody wanted to know'

Its not as your thinking

or as youve imagined

to live in the shade of

beliefs that were fashioned

to leave you in slavery

and drain out your soul

but what can i do when

theres so many liars

that crawl through your veins

like millions of spiders

that seek out theyre victims

and who is the wiser

watch out -


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