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Oh My God Appreciation Thread


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This song kicks ass, and Josh Freese tears it up! Show OMG the love.


It's better than anything on CD

It would have fitted well on an album with Silkworms. Maybe Axl could do an Axl & Pittman album. Pittman music with Axl on vocals. I would like that more than pretending to be Guns N'Roses.

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Probably one of my top fives, along with prostitute, Locomotive, Dead horse, and going down.

The song sounded totally different live, I liked it. Not as much as I like the demo version, but the live one is a more rock orientated song.

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:) I actually borrowed the VHS with End Of Days just because I'd heard there would be a new song from GN'R in the movie, so I watched it carefully to hear all the background music, not knowing what and where exactly should I expect. But when ending credits appeared and I heard the first tunes, I loved it.

I still love it (especially "wave's already set in motion" part), for me it represents a possible "aggressive industrial direction" of the band, ...which pretty much ended with this song.

Although Rhiad has a similar sound, I don't like it at all.

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