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  1. Sorry is amazing live but might wear people out between Coma and KOHD. Or did it replace Maddy?
  2. Since they're starting in Perth I'm guessing asian dates before Oz
  3. Wasn't it confirmed that Axl was in the studio with Izzy back in 2012 during the residency?
  4. Why would they release new music? It might negatively affect ticket sales
  5. This is the laziest EP ever. They should have done NiTL live release, or Best Of, with 2 bonus tracks, rather than this single release being pawned as an "EP". Let's hope this is really more just a single (with bonus live tracks) for an upcoming album, that is delayed because of Rona.
  6. Terrible tshirt design this show... maybe the litho will look slicker
  7. I just noticed that Absurd is studio on CD and cassette but live on vinyl. I like when different versions are released on different mediums. I'm not a completist so it won't affect my wallet, but at least it gives fans something (a little) different.
  8. Please give us the fake one with covers instead....
  9. I was shocked Usyk let AJ off those last 10 seconds...
  10. This is boxing my friend, terrible decisions aren't out of the ordinary. Looking forward to the rematch!
  11. Aj needs a KO going into the 12th. If he wins a decision it's pure Eddie Hearn shady.
  12. Wouldn't it be something if GNR headlined the halftime show with Hard Skool!
  13. Inb4 Russ comments about, yet, another Hardskool thread lol
  14. So how many versions of DC and YC will have officially been released once this CD comes out?
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