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Is Axl a musical genius a'la Lennon, Prince, Dylan, Jackson?


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At least there's more layers to Axl than "self-absorbed arrogant dick" though. ;)

You really think that's all there is to Kanye? Have you listened to much of his stuff?

I've given it a few spins, but the guy just annoys the living daylights out of me. He's a more arrogant cunt than Liam Gallagher. Which is quite the accomplishment in itself. Now, with Liam I'm able to overlook that because I dig his music. But Kanye... no. Most of it just ends up being verbal masturbation on his part. Sorry if I've offended any of his fans, but I really can't stand the guy.

I can't stand the guy either, and yet I posted one of his songs in AG a couple days ago. :lol:

As far as his music, I gave it a fair shot when he performed for the Hurricane Sandy benefit ... not impressed.

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