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If Slash has his own subforum, where are the others?

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Serious question. If $lash warrants his own subforum, surely Duff McKagan, with Loaded, Walking Papers, Kings of Chaos, etc deserves one? And with that, what about Izzy? He's fairly active, he releases an album a year. Why doesn't he have a subforum, since Beenafix closed?

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We had seperate subforums set up for each member for over a year. We only closed them three-four weeks ago.

I didn't see you (or anyone really) posting in them back then, so it's a bit late to ask for them back now. :shrugs:

We had initially closed the Slash subforum as well, but a lot of members asked for it back so we reopened it (reluctantly). It's barely being used and it's confusing for people, so frankly I'm contemplating merging it into Side Projects.

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