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It's that time again, time for a collection update that is!


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Appetite For Destruction Glass Master Acetates (sold by Steve Thompson, writing verified by Tom Zutaut): www.troccolitm.com/12AppAce.html

Live And Let Die Costa Rica 7" Promo: www.troccolitm.com/7LALDCostaPro.html

2002 Press Kit: www.troccolitm.com/2002PressKit.html

Unique 1992 Tokyo Itinerary: www.troccolitm.com/0219022292Itin.html

1987 Tour Itinerary: www.troccolitm.com/87ClubTourItin.html

Another: www.troccolitm.com/1102113087Itin.html

And another: www.troccolitm.com/1203122787Itin.html

2002 Tour Itinerary: www.troccolitm.com/1106010302Itin.html

Mementos from 1988 Australia/New Zealand Tour: www.troccolitm.com/AustNZ88Stuff.html

1997 Birthday Menu for Axl: www.troccolitm.com/AxlBdayMenu.html

UYI2 BMG cd w/ alternate artwork: www.troccolitm.com/CDUYI2ArtAlt.html

1992 GNR/Soundgarden Duffel Bag: www.troccolitm.com/92Duffel.html

Very early Fan Club info sheet: www.troccolitm.com/EarlyFanClubSheet.html

Weird promotional leather hat from 1991 MSG shows: www.troccolitm.com/HatLeather.html

Mementos from 1988 Japan Tour: www.troccolitm.com/Japan88Stuff.html

Cool crew shirt: www.troccolitm.com/ShirtCrewAnother.html

Steven Lies Shirt (the collection is now complete!): www.troccolitm.com/ShirtLiesBandMem.html

I survived MSG 2002 shirt: www.troccolitm.com/ShirtMSGAlt.html

I survived Philly 2002 shirt: www.troccolitm.com/ShirtSpectrum.html

Rare Chinese Democracy Tour sweatpants: www.troccolitm.com/Sweatpants.html

Live From The Jungle 5-track Promo Tape SEALED: www.troccolitm.com/TapeEP5Pro.html

Hollywood Rose Demo Tape (possibly w/ Axl's handwriting): www.troccolitm.com/TapeHRDemo.html

Black Sheep ticket from 5/31/85 (Slash joined 1 week before this show; 1 week after this show would be the 1st GNR performance w/ the classic lineup; Axl, Izzy ans Steven were at this show and convinced Slash to join GNR): www.troccolitm.com/TixBlackSheep.html

1987 Europe/UK Itinerary: www.troccolitm.com/UKEU87Itin.html

I'm not into record awards but this has always been my favorite and I finally got a chance to get one: www.troccolitm.com/UYIAward.html

Bad Apples Australia/New Zealand 1993 Shirt: www.troccolitm.com/ShirtApplesAust.html

Welcome To The Jingle Xmas Shirt: www.troccolitm.com/ShirtXmas.html

On Tour Now CD (now w/ a pic of the cd inside): www.troccolitm.com/ontournowprocd.html

Rare As Fuck GNR Shirt (now w/ a quality screen capture of the back of the shirt Axl is wearing from WTTJ video): www.troccolitm.com/ShirtRareAsFuck.html

Signed Speedware GNR Leather jacket (now w/ evidence of why it's signed and why it has a red bandana - thanks Phil!): www.troccolitm.com/speedware.html?1166354169125

Of course as always there's lots more, just head to my website and look for the green links. Enjoy!

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Pretty cool how they mention the Buckethead/Leatherface story in the 2002 press kit. Also laughing at the aptness of the "I survived Philly 2002" t-shirt :P

That bday bash menu is certainly... unique, who knew Axl liked garlic so much?!

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Not sure how much I've spent over the years. It is a good question though that I really have to try and nail down soon since I still don't have collector's insurance (not smart). I will try to get a pic of that page from the itinerary soon (and I promise to email you the list soon too).

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