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The Conversation: Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash talks horror movies, growing up in Stoke-on-Trent - and his love of oatcakes

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Stoke's famous for its oatcakes. Did you try one when you were there?

Yeah. I got some oatcake T-shirts. My uncle sends me oatcake paraphernalia and merchandise all the time. I get a bi-monthly newsletter from this organisation and I have an oatcake award, I can't remember for what. And they send me oatcakes.

You did the soundtrack for the horror film 'Nothing Left to Fear', based on an urban legend in Stull, Kansas. Apparently even Pope John Paul II refused to fly over the town. Do you believe in supernatural forces?

I'm open to anything. Some stuff makes sense, some stuff doesn't make sense. I've had some small experiences, but I don't know if they're valid because I was probably high.

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