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Reason Axl's appearance

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Title should be "Reason For Axl's Appearance"... I should proof read more. :lol:

I came to a realization yesterday that makes sense to me, so I figured I'd share it.

Why would axl ditch the hats, jacket, and mustache? This is the almost the longest he's had the same look, pushing 5 years. With every lineup change, he changes his look. In 2001 he had the dragon shirts, 2002 he has the cornrows, 2006 he had the other cornrows, and now he has his current look.

The reason? He wants to "reinvent" himself. He doesn't want to look like the same axl who played alongside slash, bucket, or the other former members. He wants this band to have a look that you recognize. He wants to be known as the singer of CURRENT GnR, not the singer who played alongside slash, ran everyone out, then took years to create 14 songs.

So I don't think axl will be ditching the hats, jackets, mustache, or extra chins anytime soon unfortunately, because he's making this his signature look.

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He wants to "reinvent" himself.

Reinventing Axl Rose.

Or maybe he's getting older and realized that in his late 30s to now, that kilts and bike shorts aren't a good idea anymore.

I think you are maybe thinking too much into the Axl's appearance thing because his appearance changed so much even with the original lineup.

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