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Rob Halford & Lemmy Kilmister have a heart to heart talk to Axl about being musically productive (fictional)

Screamin' Demon

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I wrote this fictional scenario out of boredom a few days ago, where Rob Halford and Lemmy Kilmister have a heart to heart talk to Axl about being musically productive. Rob would obviously be eloquent and easygoing, while Lemmy would be gruff and straight to the point. I thought I'd share this, just for fun.

Rob: You know Axl, music is like an extension of your soul. If you have the ability to express yourself that way it's a gift you should be very grateful for having and use it to your full advantage and get as much as you can out of yourself and out there to the fans who support you.
Lemmy: Yeah that's right Axl you've gotta cut the fuckin' emo bullshit. There's no time left in this world to lose, you know? You can sit on your ass and be miserable for another twenty fuckin' years feeling sorry for yourself and what are you gonna accomplish by doing that? Fuckall pretty much, just wasting your own time and your fans'. You've gotta get off your ass and put the fuckin' pen to paper and just get it out there, 'cause what choice do you have left that's better?
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Halford would mow Axl down on his motorbike playing Shackler's at full blast, Axl will hitchhike like he did back in the day but the corpse of John Wayne Gacy will pick him up since that stretch of road has a compelling, corrupt portal to hell that just happens to open up when a bald metal god and a ginger rock god cross paths, then Axl will smash a bottle of dom perignon over his head that just happened to be in the glove compartment via holy deus ex machina, rekilling him and launching him out the window, Halford will swerve to avoid him but blessedly decapitate his rancid and bubbly body then-

yes this was as insightful to GNR as the original post.

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