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Fall Cleaning - Important Notice


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Please be advised that over the next couple of weeks the forum will be cleaned from all adult/mature imagery. The reason for this is to help in our efforts to reinstate our Google Adsense account. Quite frankly, the forum is in need of revenue streams in order to operate in its current condition. The goal is ultimately to generate enough revenue so that donations are no longer needed to pay the server costs.

So I apologize if we seem a little overzealous in our efforts to scrub the site from content that we generally would allow. While this policy has been part of the forum rules for quite some time, we are actually going to enforce it over the next few weeks. This means that any and all members using adult/mature imagery within their avatars or signatures will be asked to change it to something that adhere's to the forum's guidelines. It would be a great help if any member with such content could go ahead and do this now before a mod/admin is required to change it for you.

And please refrain from posting content that might be considered indecent. Specifically, the site will not tolerate any posts/signatures/avatars that include imagery of the following:

- Strategically covered nudity
- Sheer or see-through clothing
- Lewd or provocative poses
- Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches
- drugs/drug use
- extremely disturbing depictions of violence
- mutilation

Look, this isn't the greatest endeavour this site has ever done and I'm not going to lie that no one wishes it has come to this. Yeah, it might be little less fun around here for a little while, but if you appreciate having this forum around then your cooperation will go along way to ensuring its long-term survival.


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