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Inside Out (New Pixar Film)

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So a few months ago I wasn't sure about this film. Within the last month or so I started looking into it a bit more and am very excited for it, and from what I'm reading, it's great. I think 'Up' is the last great "original" Pixar movie. 'Brave' was good, but not amazing. I never cared for Cars so didn't see Cars 2. I did enjoy Monsters University, but not as much as 'Inc.'

Going to see it Thursday night and can't wait. Anyone else planning on seeing it?

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I remember the last time you ate your shit words when I came to a movie bacardi. hooray for tolerance!.

Also, I'd say UP and Wall-E are considered classics. At least UP.

Cars, Brace, Monsters Uni, ok not classics but still good.

From what I'm reading a ton of people are calling this one of the best Pixar movies. Can't wait to see it.

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I remember the last time you ate your shit words when I came to a movie bacardi. hooray for tolerance!.

When was that? Jurassic World? I don't think I ever predicted that I wouldn't enjoy it, just that it looked kind of stupid.

And let's be honest, it was pretty fucking stupid at times.

And there's a very very low chance I'll "eat my shit words" on this because I really can't envision a scenario in which I end up watching this.

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Some of you act like you get paid to hate on movies :lol:

I'm all for opinions and hating on movies if need be, but at least see the damn thing. It's like saying a band is shit but you've never listened to them. Very middle school-esque behavior.

Enjoy your tightwad lives, bitches.

I'm basing my opinion on the trailer. The point of a trailer is to sell people on a movie and make them want to see it.

I like most Pixar movies, just can't help but notice that they've been dropping in quality starting with Cars.

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While I get that, you're also talking about it like you've seen it and that it's absolutely terrible. In reality, all its getting are stellar reviews from people that have seen it, and a lot are saying it's one of the best Pixar movies, at least in awhile.

And like I said, I agree with Cars. Never cared for it at all. Wall-E and Up (at least Up) are the closest thing to "new classics" in the last number of years. Brave was OK, along with Monsters University, but neither was amazing.

I didn't think this movie looked great either when I heard about it around a year ago and the first teaser for it didn't sell me at all. Within the last couple months, the new trailers and clips I've seen have sold me on it, along with the great words it's getting.

I could be getting fooled and it'll be shit, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow night.

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