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MyGNR Online Festival?


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Would people be into having some sort of online festival, here on the forum?!

With so much talent on this forum and with zoom performances being everywhere, I got to wondering if we could have something like that here?

Non musicians can participate too - we'd need tech support, scheduling/ordering performances and content, MCing, and we definitely would need a proper concert poster with artwork to advertise our festival!!

For me, I just want to contribute ideas and take on absolutely no responsibilities :P:headbang:

What do people think?


A few thoughts on how it might happen include,

1 - Zoom, an MC and then the various performers are brought in for a song or two each

2 - The artists here simply select videos that theyve already uploaded here, which are then all put together and placed on the Main Section for a day of two (with mods approval of course)

3 - Similar to 2 with the artists selecting, or creating new videos, that we then put on a burner YouTube channel, and then stream it live on the forum in the main section

But Im sure people will have better suggestions for how to go about it. Thoughts??

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20 hours ago, rocknroll41 said:

I’m fine with sharing my pre-existing YouTube videos for this, even though all of my videos are just the song audio with the album cover as the visual. Hopefully that doesn’t bother anyone.

Cool, thanks! I mean so far its looking like no festival, but maybe people will decide to participate yet!?

Basically, we'd just move parts of the "Members Bands" posts to the main section for a day!

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