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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Beware Spoilers)

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So this just came out today in the UK. What did you guys think?

I thought it was a mixed bag.


I kind of expected more multiverse? You don't actually see much of it in this and the big Illuminati cameos that this was marketed around, or only in it or like 5 minutes.

The Captain Marvel variant, Black Bolt guy are barely noticeable. The girl who plays Captain Carter was very good for the 3 mins she gets. Hard to say on Mister Fantastic, since he gets like 3 lines before being killed off.

It is a real shame we barely get an interaction between Patrick Stewart and Benedict. Everyone knows its coming and they barely interact (did they even film those scenes together?).

Also the pacing is a little off. The interesting stuff barely gets much time and the less interesting stuff a little too much.

I like Elizabeth Olson, but even though this is kind of a Wandavision follow up... her story kind of detracts from all the possibilities of the story (that never happen).

It definitely does feel like a Sami Rami (both good and bad) film at points too, but it is a little jarring after No Way Home.

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Heard it wasn't that good. I have not seen any of the Dr. Strange movies. I have seen him in the Avengers movies but wasn't interested in his movies. I might see the new Spiderman movie when it comes on cable. I did like the last Spider man one. I shall see. 


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