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  1. Yeah, loved the flashback scenes too since we are supposed to ignore all the other Halloween movies since Halloween. lol I think because Michael Myers has been locked up for 40 years, he just went overkill on all the killings. Pent up aggression. lol Not sure if they computerized Dr. Loomis, but he looked awesome. I know Carly and Sonny have lost it. Maybe they is how they are supposed to play it now? Sonny wants to buy Charlies this week from Ava, so what will he do with it? Will he work there now too? Come on. I just feel like both Sonny and Carly just aren't committed to each other anymore. Whatever! if Sonny goes to Nina I will be super pissed off. I hate her. Yeah, I think Thomas and Paris have more chemistry than she and Zende. Brooke will encourage her sister Donna to go after Eric. Oh boy. lol I think Quinn and Carter should have a chance to see where their relationship could go, because I think Eric needs to let Quinn go. if he just doesn't want to be alone, than marry Katie. lol And Katie is stupid to let Bill go.
  2. sorry posted my message in movie section. weird. Anyway, if you see it let us know.
  3. My mom saw the original one in the 80's, but doesn't remember much. Tons of big stars in this movie, but I bet it's super long. Jason Momoa said the director asked to meet him and told him he wanted him in this movie. He was blown away since no one has ever wanted him for a role in anything he's done. If you see it, let us know how it is. Sorry somehow my message for Dune got posted here, must have clicked on the wrong section.
  4. Only Murder in the Building The last episode is next week. This was a very good series. Loved Martin Short and Steve Martin and Selena Gomez I hope this series comes back for a second season because it was very good and funny too.
  5. Halloween Kills and it sure as hell did! Loved it. One of best Halloween movies ever! Can't wait for the final one.
  6. Well, it's been two weeks, so I guess I'm good. it just annoys me that Texas seems to think they are safe from covid and since everything is open now and full, they just walk around like they are safe. I just wish I could be as naive as that sometimes.
  7. The news said Texas numbers of covid cases are going down. Still not trusting it yet. We still have fall and winter and the holidays to get through. With Texas back to opening everything and sports arenas being back to full capacity and the Fair happening this year, I still don't think things will stay down for long. I just hope that the kids's covid vaccines are approved soon, so I can feel my daughter will be protected and my parents can get their booster shot. Most doctors are agreeing this covid virus will be like the flu and we will need a yearly shot to stay protect. I'm all for that. Sorry to hear about that guy killing people with a bow and arrow. Crazy people are everywhere. Good news about covid though. Stay safe. Well honestly, I wouldn't want to be taken care of any nurse or doctor who was not vaccinated against covid or any other disease. They should know better after the deaths from last year. Millions of people are vaccinated so get the vaccine and keep your job.
  8. I don't understand anyone not getting vaccinated especially with all those deaths and people still getting sick. I know we will all need a shot every year just like the flu shot. Just shut up and get the shot. Well, honestly, today Sonny was very annoying. Asking Jason yesterday about him and Carly and then today asking Carly if she loved Jason and how they can just turn off those feelings? I mean come on! He's hiding the fact that "mike" loved Nina and would have slept with her if Nina didn't stop them. I think he's guilt is making him accuse Carly and Jason rather than admit he loved Nina. This isn't going to go well. you know Carly will find out about him and Nina, so Sonny better confess. He's really pissing me off lately. Oh boy, Paris and Thomas as roommates. I can feel the sexual tension already. lol This is going to be good. Honestly, I don't think Paris and Zende have much chemistry at all. I feel so bad for Carter, but Eric and Quinn are married and should try to make it work and help each other. I do hope Carter finds someone good for him. And Katie annoys me, not giving Bill another chance. Maybe Bill should go after Donna? lol It seems all those Logan sisters marry the same men so what the hell! Enjoy your weekend. Still waiting for the cooler temps to come by. So far not happening. lol
  9. Got to love Bill. The man is 90 years old and has done so many amazing things in his life time. Good for him. Honestly, though, I wish all these rich people would put their money to help save our planet since it's going to shit. I don't think anyone should go to another planet to live until they help this planet. Why fuck up another planet? If there are any alien life forms out there, they won't allow earth people to mess another planet up. There are so many things that need to be made better here. Our planet is literally dying and these rich guys don't seem to care about helping it.
  10. Oh no, I hate Eseme and she's going to cause more trouble before she's gone. Damn it. Sonny has some nerve asking Jason about he and Carly's relationship when he's keeping it a secret about "mike" and Nina. I don't know what's going on, but Sonny is not his usual Sonny self. And shouldn't he be meeting with the families to tell them he's back and in charge. On Bold, I think Eric should let Quinn and Carter be together. Everyone is dumping on Quinn and Ridge is getting in Carter's face now too. Can't stand it. I don't know if it's me, but everyone on GH seems to be walking through their roles this week? Not sure why I feel this way? It just seems like everyone is pretending all is okay when it's not. I really hope they find Valentin, Drew and Leseil before the year is up. I'm tired of all this shit taking so long and someone has to kill Peter for good.
  11. Yeah, anxious to see the finale half of the series. It comes back in February 2022. Fear the Walking Dead begins on Sunday. Can't wait for it. This show has gotten so much better since it began.
  12. Chucky the series. So far so good. And SyFy is leaving all the cursing in! Happy about that because we all know Chucky loves to curse.
  13. Yeah, Ava is a tough cookie. lol I love it. Yeah, if Sonny still has those "mike" memories he has feelings for Nina, so who knows?Now he wants to know about jason and Carly. Oh well. Will Thomas and Paris become roommates now? lol Sheila is definitely a psycho so Deacon better think twice about working with her. I really can't stand Liam going all crazy on Deacon. I hope Hope tells him to shut up. lol
  14. Hopefully more new songs and a new cd and another tour. Let's hope covid gets slowed down so more tours can finally get going. I would still love GNR to release a new blue ray of this reunion tour too.
  15. I know. Now Deacon will stay with Sheila? That manager wants her out and now she'll have a roommate. lol I was hoping Sheila would just vanish before long, but it looks like she will be on longer and making big trouble for everyone. I bet she does something to Steffy and gets baby Hayes. Finn better confess she is texting him. I would get a bodyguard 24/7 to protect my family. This is just too crazy. And if Sonny has feelings for Nina I'm going to scream. I wish they would just move on and let's get Drew home. I bet hayden is in the same jail or maybe Holly? Either way, what the hell is Anna and Robert waiting for to act? Too much talking and not enough acting. They should just drive into the countryside and I bet they would find that prison. Taking things too slow these days. Well, we did have a few cooler days in Dallas, but who knows? The year we moved here Halloween was 26 degrees. It has never been that cold since. lol
  16. Half season finale last night. Just like I thought, I really hate Leah. What a bitch! Hope she's dead before the series finale.
  17. A 3 year old boy was missing for 4 days in Pleasantville TX. he was found alive and well. This is a good story. The rest of the news sucked. Good luck. Sometimes with pre-sales they don't post all tickets for sale, so keep trying if you don't get pit right away.
  18. Lucifer on Netflix a couple of episodes Murder in this building on Hulu a couple of episodes
  19. "Separation" it was on syfy, but shown with no censorship which was awesome.
  20. Grave Halloween A SyFy movie about that forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide. it was made like a horror movie though.
  21. I know I figured when Deacon showed up he was Hope's dad. I didn't watch Bold when he was on. I know both Brooke and Ridge were talking at once. Morons. I'm not sure if Deacon has changed though. I saw some of Bold today and he was drinking in a bar and met up with Sheila. I don't think that's going to be good. I think eventually Eric will divorce Quinn and let her live her life. Let's see. I know now Victor says he's Valentin's father? I know he was used as Nathan's dad once, but now we know Faison was Nathan's dad. It's so confusing with all these Cassadines. But this would make Valentin want a piece of the Cassadine pie yet again. That might be fun. Maybe then Spencer and Nick will team up? And that bastard Peter knows how to control Drew again? When will this shit end? I do like Phyllis visiting Sonny. Maybe she'll stay in PC and be Nina's only friend. lol have a good weekend It's going to be back in the 90's again. I want Fall weather so badly..
  22. I have seen this commercial many times. I remember when Axl wouldn't approve his songs in movies or commercials. Guess times have changed. Very cool to hear any GNR song.
  23. In Canada anyone 12 and over has to be fulled vaccinated before going on a train or a plane. I commend Canada for doing this. This way parents can be comfortable if they have to fly with their younger kids. You don't know who is vaccinated or not, so this ruling is great. I highly doubt the US will do this. Too many morons will bitch and moan about their rights and how they should be allowed to do what they want to do. LA now says to get into many indoor places you have to be fully vaccinated like NYC. I doubt Dallas will do this at all. Went to see KISS Friday night and the venue sent an email saying how they strongly encourage fans to wear masks. I did wear a mask, but most people had no masks nor did they distance and since they didn't check about vaccination I have no idea who was sitting near me? I hated being anxious during the concert.
  24. A shooting in another Texas school. A fight started out between two students and one pulled a gun. The caught the kid. Not sure what this is about? Someone said the boy with the gun was being bullied. If so, the school should have been made aware of this problem. Anyway, the school was lockdown for hours and one kid is in the hospital. No other children were injured or killed. Since Texas allows anyone over 21 to have a gun now, I don't see this problem getting any better. Also maybe putting metal detectors in schools now. They have them for venues before you go into the venue, so maybe schools need it now too.
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