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  1. Put in a call to my doctor to make sure he has the covid vaccine for my daughter and to get an appointment asap. This is awesome news for all kids now. I just hope most parents get their kids vaccinated.
  2. Chucky the series. This show is as awesome as the Chucky movies and going back in time and showing how Charles Lee Ray became a serial killer is awesome. Having Brad Douriff back as Chucky's voice is great. This little guy is crazier than ever.
  3. And honestly, on GH, Anna should have stayed in Greece to find Peter. Why is it Jason found him and not them? And now Peter turned the tables on Jason because of Drew. I was screaming shoot everyone. lol Deal with the shit later. Jason didn't shoot Drew because of Sam and Scout because Jason could care less about his "brother" lol Anyway, Sonny made a statement today "I'm back". I hope he's telling the truth because that Joey Novack is back and causing trouble. I think Maxie and Brooklyn have come up with a plan to get rid of Gladys. Not srue about that guy who asks about Curtis, but I think he may know Joey Novack and that can't be good. I'm thinking he's Curtis' dad, but who knows?
  4. Yeah, it must be weird having it dark for half the year and light the other half. I guess you get used to it. I don't mind the time change when the clocks go back. lol Yeah, my neighborhood didn't have any trick or treaters at all. I had candy but no one came. As for Brooke, she makes me sick with the way she talks like she's an innocent baby. Well, I'm not sure if getting rid of Donna will help Eric and Quinn's marriage. Honestly, I wish Quinn had divorced Eric and stayed with Carter. Now Katie has her eyes on Carter. This is crazy. I do like Hope with bangs. lol I just feel that everyone on Bold knows everyone's business and thinks they can butt in on it all. That would make me crazy for sure. Well, Texas finally got cooler weather. In the 50's and had tons of rain. But by Sunday we'll be back in the 70's again. This state makes me crazy with the weather changes.
  5. Yeah, true. The walkers are truly gross now. lol
  6. Last night on AXS the Top Ten Reveal had songs about murder. Of course, "I used to love her" was on the list. lol The people were all trying to figure out who Axl was singing about. We all know this GNR song was made up and not about anyone in peticular and it really pissed me off that no one knew this.
  7. So excited this Sunday begins Dexter. Can't wait. I really hope Dexter's back to his old self! Loved this show so much. Showtime has been showing all the seasons for the past month.
  8. The new season started last Sunday. Since those that crazy guy shot off those missals most of the people are separated again. Strand has made a new society and he's in one of the best places so far. The rest of the survivors are just trying to stay alive. The world was bad enough before, now it's really bad.
  9. Well, my mom was ready with candy, but no one came around. I guess parents didn't want to bring little kids and most parents drive the older ones around and since the price of gas is so high. Anyway, no one came around. Yeah, Quinn was a beast. lol Stupid Brooke and her big mouth got Donna in trouble. If Eric chooses Donna over Quinn and Carter is interested in Katie now, I will scream. I know Gladys doesn't realize if the truth comes out about the baby, Peter might find out. Can't stand that woman at all. I know didn't think Nick knew his Uncle Victor was still alive, but I guess it makes sense that someone had to help him after he was shot. Okay, so did Nick know about Drew and that Victor had him prisoner? Who knows? This is getting too complicated now. lol Took down my Halloween decorations and put some Thanksgiving/fall ones now. The stores already have Xmas cards and candy already. It's too soon. At least the clocks go back this weekend. Does Alaska do that? Texas is getting very cool weather starting on Wednesday, but then back into the 70's which is okay with me.
  10. "The Hills run red" Awesome movie list, especially for the Halloween holiday.
  11. I do hope President Biden can ship the vaccines to the rest of the world, because we all need to get herd immunity for everyone to be safe. We've seen how fast this virus traveled from China to the US and all around the world, so we need to get these vaccines to as many people as we can. If some people don't want the vaccine, at least hopefully the many people who get vaccinated will be well. Damn the others who don't want it. Who knows? Maybe they will be okay. You just don't know how well someone's immune system can be. Let's hope we don't lose many more people to this virus. We've lost too many people already and once the vaccine for kids comes around, I will get my daughter vaccinated asap.
  12. I have an old phone, but my GNR ringtone is " Think about you! lol I've had many ringtones over the years. But I admit I do love hearing Axl's voice when my phone rings.
  13. lol Yeah, well have you noticed since Eric and Donna are friendly, her boobs seem to be out now! lol I mean come on, he hugs her and there are the boobs pressing into his chest. lol Anyway, I think Eric might over hear Quinn berating her and take Donna's side. If Eric goes with Donna, I actually don't care, I hope Carter goes with Quinn. They had huge chemistry and although, I think Katie and Carter are cute, I think Carter and Quinn are way better together. Guess we will see. Enjoy your weekend. Happy Halloween
  14. I saw Asking Alexandria last Tuesday. They were awesome and they had this amazing light show too. They opened for A Day to Remember, who I don't like at all. The venue checked your vaccine card or you had to have a negative covid test within 72 hours and had to wear a mask. I enjoyed myself very much.
  15. "Rock, paper, scissors" by Alice Feeney
  16. Hopefully, we should know about the covid vaccine for kids under 12. Talk is some people might need another booster. My mom's arm can't take anymore lol I know President Biden is in Europe and hopefully make a plan to get people there vaccinated soon too. Holidays are coming up and it would be nice for family and friends to get together and be vaccinated and safe.
  17. Yeah, I know I was grossed out about Eric and Donna too. I mean really her big boobs have to be out now so Eric can get his mojo back. It's funny, the other day on a talk show, there was a doctor talking about ED and how it has nothing to do with your mental state or not being attracted to your partner. It's all about not enough blood flow to a man's penis, so Bold better get their shit together. I know Quinn gave Donna the riot act today, but can't wait for her to get Brooke. I can't stand how she talks and has that stupid smile on her face when she's telling Eric he needs to be with her sister. Please! Those Logan sisters need to shut the hell up. And now Katie is going after Carter! Come on! If Eric gets rid of Quinn and Carter goes for Katie I'm going to scream. Well, so far Victor is locked up, but we found out today that he and Nick have been in touch with each other. I do lie Shawn, but not liking he's trying to get Nick arrested for hayden's shooting. Whatever! Hayden is another one who tries to swindle people out of their money. She's not a good person either. And don't get me started on Gladys! she's such a bitch. Can't stand her. Wish she was in that car that blew up! lol Have a good weekend. We finally got some nice cooler temps. Hope it stays here!~
  18. Wow! I went to see Asking Alexandria in concert last and we had to show our covid vaccine card and wear a mask to get it. Once inside most people took their masks off, but at least we all knew they were either vaccinated or had a negative covid test. This venue is smaller than the stadium venues, so not sure if Dallas would do this for them. I know Mark Cuban is requiring all fans to be vaccinated if they see the Mavericks, and they play in American Airlines venue which seats over 20,000 people so maybe the venues in Dallas are taking a strong stance on people being vaccinated to view concerts and sports. also heard on the news that the vaccine for kids under 12 will be a smaller dose given with smaller needles and the shots will be 3 weeks apart. Hopefullly, they will be approved by November.
  19. I read that Hunter Tylo's character is being replace and she will be on Bold in December. Interesting. I guess that means Sheila will be staying for a bit. Yeah, I can't stand Donn's stupid face when she comes in and looks at Eric. If he leaves Quinn for her, I will spit. He's an old fool and by Friday, Quinn finds out what those Logan sisters have been up to. Can't stand this. yeah, Gladys is such a bitch. i wish she would leave. And the whole Sonny/Nina/Carly situation is making me sick too. You know Carly will find out about him and Nina and I bet he still has those feelings too. Carly will want to kill Nina for sure. And Willow has to realize Michael has a dark side when he needs it. Sometimes Willow is too goody goody for me. lol I know I feel the same way about Deacon. He needs to realize how crazy sheila really is and get the hell away from her sooner rather than later. Do you know when Eric was married to Donna and why they divorced? I don't like where this is going and I think Carter and Katie will be together soon enough. Maybe Quinn and Bill will get back together since they are the parents of Wyat.t. I think they might be hot together.
  20. My mom and dad got their covid moderna booster shots. My dad felt achy the next day, but my mom was okay. Now I'm hoping the CDC approves the vaccine for kids 12 and under, so I can get my child vaccinated. Thanks for the kind words. yeah, we all have a great doctor and he tells us like it is and we do what we need to do to keep ourselves well as well as others. I have a concert tonight in Dallas to see Asking Alexandria and I have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. Luckily I'm fully vaccinated and it makes me feel safe that everyone else in the venue will have to be well too.
  21. Glad you guys who saw it liked it. Yahoo posted so many horrible views from people who saw it, but that's to be expected. Not everyone will like the same thing. I've seen many movies that critics have hated and I've loved it.\
  22. I know what the hell is going on on Bold. I mean Eric was married to both Brooke and Donna? What the hell is that about? Most divorced people stay the hell away from each other unless there is a child, otherwise move on. They all work together and now Brooke married Eric's son? This whole situation is crazy. I hope Quinn rips them all a new one. Eric is cheating on Quinn now. I don't care if he doesn't sleep with Donna, the whole licking her finger was gross! lol If Eric has an erection with Donna, I will totally lose it. None of these people seem satisfied with their partners. And I know before long Paris and Thomas will get together too! lol I can already see Carter and Katie getting togeher. When people break up with someone they supposedtly love, it takes time to get over them. Here everyone is already checking on their next partner. lol yeah, Deacon and Sheila are gross too. Finn and Hope better run the other way and stay out of their shit. This isn't going to be good and Sheila is totally nuts.
  23. And many unvaccinated pregnant women have gotten covid and died. I don't like when women use abortions as a form of birth control, but maybe if more schools taught birth control and sex education more poorer women can make other choices. The law in Texas is so damn wrong and I do hope the Supreme court overrules it. So many stupid laws are being made in Texas, I don't understand the mentality of some people?
  24. Watched one of those pawn shows and a guy came in with the AFD box set and sold it for $185 bucks. Wasn't it around $500 when it was new?
  25. Season finale of "Only murders in this building" It ended open ended and I really hope there will be a season 2. This show was awesome. A few more episodes of Lucifer the last season. Okay my brother is watching "The squid" and he says the killings look real. Is this possible that they can kill people for not following the rules? The show is from Korea, but I really hope they aren't killing people in real time? Let me know what you think? Thanks! Awesome. This show is so damn good. Love the stars in it and it's just a unique show. Cant wait for season 2.
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