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  1. Damn it! Another freakin covid variant coming from Africa and doctors are worried the vaccine might not help against it. Saying to get the booster now. Meanwhile it's black Friday and God help us all! If this isn't a good reason for people who aren't vaccinated to get vaccinated, I don't know what is? Some US states are surging again too. Michigan needs 1000 nurses to help with the care in their hospitals. Meanwhile, we had Thanksgiving yesterday and Black Friday today and Christmas and New Years, it's looking like 2022 won't be any better than the past 2 years. Everyone stay safe and healthy.
  2. I have had to put down 3 cats and it never gets easier. I feel like I lose a part of my heart when I lose a cat. They bring such joy and love to anyone who owns a cat or any other pet. I think they make us better humans. Cats do have a keen sense of emotions. I love them for that. They are mostly independent creatures, but love you no matter what. And true all cats have different personalities. You have to get to know them and they get to know you. It's part of loving a cat.
  3. Well it does suck, but like you said Steve knew he would be fired if he didn't get the vaccine. He already got covid once and not being vaccinated he can get it again. I agree I think his character will be replaced. I hope so. I really love the character of Jason. His death will effect too many characters and I'm tired of mourning all thsee deaths. lol Steve admitted to getting covid on the set of GH, so there you go. I see from the soaps I watch that the Thanksgiving episodes are separating most of the characters now, so this means the soaps are following safer rules with covid still out there. I do hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. don't eat too much. lol The only new soap tomorrow is Days of our lives. The Devil is wrecking havoc in Salem.
  4. Different vaccines have worked on so many viruses and have gotten rid of many too. I have all my vaccines since I was a child and my daughter has all hers too. I don't want my daughter to get any viruses that have been eliminated, so to me vaccines work and keep us healthy. Still not sure what the religious exemption would be? Don't think it says anything about vaccines in the bible, not sure about other religions? Anyway two actors on General Hospitals have been fired for not getting vaccinated, which sucks, but it's mandated, so maybe they will change their minds, but they don't seem to be. They both are anti vaccinations and don't seem to care they are fired. Oh well, since the other actors are vaccinated, I'm sure there are other actors out there you can take their place. Some countries around the world are still seeing surges and protesting getting vaccinated. Don't they want this virus to slow down or go away all together? I know I do.
  5. This has been a weird season. All the characters have been split up into different groups. Guess still observing covid restrictions. Anyway, this season ends next week and we haven't seen Alicia at all yet. Hopefully, she made it out of that bunker safely and gets with one of the groups. Strande became like the Gov this season, but I think his reign is coming to an end soon. Too much power made him crazy. lol
  6. I dvr'ed it to speed through the people I didn't care about. Was sorry Tina couldn't be there, but I think she's not in the best of health these days. Tina did so deserve to be inducted, but I don't consider LL Cool J and Jay Z to be "rock and roll" so I don't agree with them being in there. Foo Fighters were freaking awesome and deserved to be inducted. It was awesome performing with Sr. Paul too. There are so many amazing rock and metal bands that have been overlooked for so long, so the Hall of Fame needs to do better and stick with "real" rock and roll artists. The other artists all have their award shows and the country music artists have their own hall of fame, so I think the Rock and Roll hall of Fame needs to stick with rock.
  7. Yeah, I guess I'm torn because I love JDM as an actor, but I do understand Maggie's feelings. It's going to be weird when this show ends.
  8. We did the same one too. Not sure about mixing them. My daughter got pfizer we all got moderna. I did hear that if anyone got J&J you could get either booster. My daughter gets her second shot in a couple of weeks. I do hope she'll not get too many bad side effects. She was good after the first one. Sometimes younger people get more side effects, but it's better than the virus.
  9. Well, with so many states and people saying to defund the police, some police don't want to do their jobs now. It sucks. too many guns in the wrong hands these days. it doesn't seem to stop. Any moron over 21 can have a gun in Texas without any training at all. Texas has had problems with guns forever and now the Gov decides to allow this shit. It's like the wild west again. Things are way out of hand and I'm not sure if anyone can fix it. Things definitely need to change, but getting rid of police isn't the way to go. The police need to be trained to cope with different situation and if anyone seems racist don't hire them. Give them a test to see how they would handle different situations. We all need to do better by everyone. I hope I see that day. That trial in Georgia has to end with those guys guilty or Georgia will burn and I can't blame African Americans for being angry if it goes any other way. The law of allowing citizens arrests has been changed. These two guys saw a black guy running and thought the worse. That's on them. Allowing them to run their truck after him and using guns showed intent to hurt of even kill this guy. That was so damn wrong on so many levels.
  10. The moron who rode into people in the parade just beat up his g/f or wife, not sure which and took her car and sped away. He ran into the parade and killed many innocent people and alot of injured some children. The cops got him. I don't think it was planned, but since this guy seems to be a real piece of shit, he didn't care what he did as long as he got away. Now he'll probably go away for murder but people are dead and many hurt. He should get the death penalty, but who knows? When I heard the story it really pissed me off. Anyone tries to hit me or my kid is going down. Eventually they have to sleep and that's when I would take care of the son of a bitch. But since my mother didn't raise no fool, I don't have any men in my life who hit woman or abuse women. This shit has to stop.
  11. I totally agree with you. This is what most doctors are saying. I doubt covid will be fully gone, but those of us who are fully vaccinated have to keep ourselves safe and those we care about. I still wear a mask. Most places in Dallas want you to wear a mask, but some don't. I think wearing a mask is the way to go and it helps me stay healthy from other infections. too Maybe little by little the more we vaccinated become the majority we will stay safe and well.
  12. Yeah, we do need closure since the series is ending for good. Not heard about the 3 Rick movies, but hopefully they will be made and we can see if Michonne found Rick and they made their way back to the other people. I'm just worried that Maggie might just kill Negan and I would really hate that. Maybe the groups will go off on their own, but I guess you can't blame Maggie for wanting Negan dead. And supposedly Daryl and Carol will gt their own series, but who knows?
  13. Some people no matter how old they are never grow up and don't get smarter. lol You're right everyone has an opinion but don't be nasty about it.
  14. It's official Steve Burton aka Jason Morgan has been fired from GH. He said he didn't want to get the covid vaccine due to medical and religious reasons, so he's out. So I guess if/when Jason Morgan comes back to GH he will be a new actor. I do hope the Jason character is replaced since Drew is back I want to see the relationship between the two brothers grow. Oh well. GH has lost another character because of the covid mandate.
  15. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. If you have a pet you treasure them and love them because they always give you unconditional love. Yeah, I agree if you don't like pets or don't have one or are just a horrible human being, stay off this board. Have some respect for Axl's feelings.
  16. I know I feel so sorry for Valentin, but I do hope someone tells him the real truth if/when Peter gets caught. This guy has more lives than a cat! lol I think Valentin will understand if Maxie tells him the truth. Yeah, I do hope the baby is okay too. I don't like when soaps kill off babies. Too sad and GH has had it's share. Yeah, Sonny, (mike" is still in there. Jax left today. I think if/when Jax ever comes back, it'll be another actor. Also no word on Steve Burton, but after today, if Jason is alive he might have a different face. lol Something that Peter said. I would hate for Steve to go, but it's most important to stay safe and keep your cast mates safe too. I hope he changes his mind and gets vaccinated or he has to go since Ingo is gone now. Can't play favorites. Both jax and Jason's characters are important to GH. Hope you having fun in SA with your family.
  17. I agree. usually people like this are jealous of the artists they insult. Oh and Pat Benatar should have been inducted too. That woman rocked from the start and can still rock with the best of them. Still don't know who votes for these artists, but they need to study their rock history. This show is awesome. Always been a wrestling fan and love how this show actually shows all the ups and downs of the people involved in this sport. I think all the characters are unique and such good acting. I know Stephen Armell who plays Jack Spade went to check out real wrestlers for his part. This show is awesome and I really hope it comes back for a second season.
  18. " Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". They really need to change the name since more and more non-rock performers are getting inducted into this. Anyway, best performance goes to the Foo Fighters. Paul McCartney inducted them and after I heard Paul's speech, I understood why he did it. What a great way to end this show since the FF are actually rockers. I also agreed with Tina Turner. Wish she could have been there, but I know Tina isn't in good health. She was one in a million rocker women of all time.
  19. Cool, thanks. "Masquerade" with Bella Thorne It was on one of my premium channels. This movie was awesome. It had you guessing one way and completely went a 180 by the ending.
  20. Sorry for the loss of your rabbit. You are so right losing a pet is devastating, but just remember the good life you gave them and the unconditional love they gave you.
  21. There's a serial murder here in Dallas, who had his trial this week. There's proof this guy has killed many older women and yet one juror held out. The judge was livid. Anyway, he sat there smiling the whole time, but the judge said he will be tried again since he's killed many other women. What the fuck was that juror thinking? As for the young guy, he wasn't supposed to be able to buy that gun, yet he did and traveling over state lines was okay? The gun lawas really have to be changed here in the US. This is crazy. Can't wait to see how the Georgia trial goes with the white guys who killed that poor innocent black man. They are definitley guilty, but who knows how the jurors will go? As for the kid with the gun, I knew he would be innocent because you just knew the judge was on his side, by his actions. Crazy.
  22. Bill Maher had the Mayor elect of New York city on his show last night. Wish we could have a mayor like this guy. He's got common sense and knows exactly what to do to help his people. This guy should run for President one day. I really like him alot. Sorry I forgot his name, but he seems like a really good guy who actually wants to change things for the better.
  23. Damn the nurses can't seem to get a break. This virus does whatever it wants to and just when you think it might slow down, around it comes again. I hope your friend stays safe. And thank her for doing her job and caring for the covid patients. The only side effect my mom had was her arm hurt the next day. I get mine in a few weeks. Hopefully, we'll all be okay. My daughter got her first covid shot on Thursday and didn't feel a thing. I hope she's okay after the second shot.
  24. Oh this sucks. I saw a picture posted on Axl's twitter account, but didn't realize he died. Poor baby. I'm a cat person and have been all my life. Cats are loving creatures and when they die it hurts so much. My mom has lost 4 cats and has them in little boxes around the house. She also puts a picture of them in front of the box. Anyone who loses a pet knows how much it hurts. But we can be happy that we gave them a very good life. RIP Dexter. What a handsome boy he was. Bet Axl cremates him and keeps him in his home too.
  25. Yeah, on soaps there always has to be conflict with couples. Can't anyone be happy? Sonny and Carly aren't happy these days either and sooner or later, Carly will find out about "mike" and Nina, so you know that'll be coming and mess them up. Friday's GH was awesome. I'm wondering since there's talk about Steve leaving if he'll disappear, presumed dead and another Jason will come along. Who knows? I can't find anything definite about Steve either way. Monday is Jax's last day, wondering if they'll replace him eventually? Finally Jack told Finn he's his father. Let's see how this goes? lol I do like Thomas, but I wish he would find someone to love that's available to him. lol Enjoy your holiday. wow 3 degrees. I don't miss those days and let's hope Texas doesn't have the same winter as last year. I don't think we could take it again.
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