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Best Drummers Alive


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Chad Smith is a really underated drummer. I think he is absolulety awsome. Live he is crazy, his drumming is divine.


i agre he is really underated, but i'd have to with keith moon, he was the best

edit: sorry, i didn't see the "alive" part...

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He certainly aint the best drummer alive (by a long shot) but I really dig the drummer from Bloc Party's style of play. Its a really refreshing loose style, with great fills that compliment the music really well. My knowledge aint great on the technical aspects of drumming but I really like the way this guy plays. I've heard Brain is pretty well respected as well from his time in Primus (the bassist is shit hot as well, Claypool is it? Great player)

Best drummer ever?: Ginger Baker. Just listen to his blues/jazz/fusion type playing in the old Cream impros....Quality


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Well Dave lombardo without a doupt is the best drummer but id also choose Brain or Alex Van Halen.


good choices all of them.

Dave Grohl's playing on the QOTSA album blew me away.

Matt Sorum on Contraband really moves all over the place from soft to heavy.

John Blackwell from Prince's band is great

Abe Laborio Jr. of Macca's band is impressive too.

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Well Phil Rudd has been my fav drummer forever , love the style and way in which he plays , Lays down a killer groove , hits hard and doesn't overplay/fill all the time . Great drumming in my opinon , especially on the albums FTATR and FOTS .

Peace GnR Nation :shades:

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