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weird Columns


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This usually happens when the member name is too long.

Those are changed on the spot.

"Axls Rocket Queen" is not too long.

What browser are you using?

Did you tell your browser to use large fonts?

What is your screen resolution?

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Just felt like a change.  I asked GNR Estranged to make me one to use on another forum, actually.  Liked it so much that I decided to use it here instead!

Don't worry, the old one's still around.  I use it on *bad obsession*'s forum


yay ill go there now and print it out :heart:

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Problem fixed  :)

The member name Guns_N_Roses_Hard_Rocker was changed to Hard_Rocker.


another one could be "MyMindsSomewhereOutOn65" coz that makes the colum wide for me or is it my font



He's MMSOO65 on all the other forums. Maybe Eric could change it to that. And I know there's another guy with the name like guns_n_roses_live_at_the_ritz_'88 or something.

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