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Mygnrforum Error


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I have been having this problem for the last few days, just every now and again I get the following screen when trying to enter a thread:


I use Windows XP, and AOL 9.0. I have never had the problem in I.E so can use that no problem. Just thought you might like to know there might be a problem for some AOL users.


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This kind of error usually will happen when the database is down.

The database was in perfect working order at the time of your screen shot.

It would seem that AOL 9.0 on your computer would be the problem.

I am sure that more than a few members use AOL 9.0. You are the first one to report this.

I hope that AOL will quickly fix whatever bug they have in their software!

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The Forum is running fine for me using:

Cable connexion

Windows XP

Internet Explorer

Norton Internet Security

Should you have this problem again, send me

What browsers are you using

What operating system are you using

What is your internet connexion type

What Firewall you are using

And a screen capture.

For now, the poblem seems to be related to browsers other than Internet Explorer and or AOL 9.0.

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Santana, Almost Famous, highvoltageacdc, ssiscool:

What browsers are you using?

What operating system are you using?

What is your internet connexion type?

Could you be all using AOL 9.0?

I use Firefox, with Windows XP and i'm on Dialup Internet.

It's no major problem, only happens occasionally.

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