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I look forward to albums by these Bands..

Guns N Roses CD :P

Pearl Jam

David Gilmour On An Island




Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium



Velvet Revolver


Placebo Meds

Motley Crue

Iron Maiden

Maybe I forgot some..

Edited by Morten..
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Queensryche---Operation Mindcrime 2 ( Dio does some guest vocals!!!!)

Wolfmother----saw them in Chicago last week and they ripped !!!

I was looking forward to Gilmours new album but the title cut they have been playing sounds weak. I still am going to see him live in April here in Chicago. I am hoping he plays Out of the Blue or Murder from his earlier solo albums.

Oh and I forgot Dragonforce.

For all power metal fans I just picked up two amazing albums

Metal Inquisitor---Doomsday for the heretic. It mixes up Judas Priest, Judas era Helloween, Old Merciful Fate, and Gamma Ray. Every song is amazing.

also Persuader----the singer sounds exaxtly like Hansi from Blind Guardian except more powerful. Very fast stuff like classic BG.

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