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JOE STRUMMER contributed guitar for Chinese Democracy


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i think it wuld be an axl thing to do to release sumthin on april fools, that bastard

you're a dumbass.... :drevil:

no - YOU, my friend, are the dumbass. it is clearly a joke of a post. is it necessary? no. is it serious? no. are you a fucking idiot for pretending like it is? YES. are you even more of an asshole for responding to a worthless post with one that makes you seem just as worthless (or more, in my opinion)? YES!

youre just a simple fool like so many others here. if you dont like the post, especially one that is clearly sarcastic.... DONT RESPOND TO IT!

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Wasn't there a story some years back that Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols did some guitar work on the album?


Wouldn't it be cool if Steve and Joe played on the same track? Especially given the history between the pistols and the clash.

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