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Oh Im Free Of All These Chains

Digital Roses

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At its very self, this part of madagascar

"OOH IM FREE OF ALL THE CHAINS" - VMA 2002 & Boston version - (not rir3 because he didnt scream)

this very part of the song is the most powerful medley throughout the song.

It touches me and gets through to my heart and reminds me of slavery days and then suddenly i get the feeling as some of the people who got captured were free and this line just makes it awesome.

i cant explain it and ive tried my best but if i had to describe it in one sentence id say

" The line is very powerful because it gives you the "ROCK THE FUCK ON" and the " Blues and sad" feeling at the same time

make as much joke if you can but i know this line is very very powerful in axls scream

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I've always thought it was "our freedom OR the chains" continuing the prior line about having the strength to choose - i.e. the slavery is forged by our own minds (not an outside force) and we can choose to end it if we're strong enough.

And I thought the last line was "we held together" which would reinforce the same idea of creating our own chains.

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i just checked the lyrics for that verse and it goes :

If we ever find it true

Love will have its way to choose

Three more to tame

We can be ever

Madagascar lyrics

After listening through all the new gnr bootlegs, I can tell you that those lyrics are definitely soooo wrong.

yea i think i just noticed i had the 02' mtv awards on full blast listening to madagascar, i think the website got it wrong now

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Idiots cant you listen properly....... It;s

Oh clean all the drains

We weld together


In all seriousness this was discussed so so much when the song first came out... and yet i still cant be sure on what he says.... *Listens*

Actually when listening to the boston version you can here him definately say "chains" ie plural... so i think that wipes out 'free the ball the chain' and it really sounds like "We held together"

Also Listening to the soundboard from Cleveland its a definate "We held together"

I also think it might be "I'm" not "Oh"

So im saying

Im/Oh freed of all the chains

We held together

Edit again haha


Oh im freed of all the chains

We held together...

No questions!

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