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  1. Seeing John Frusciante alone will be worth the money. RHCP @ Earls Court in 2006 was my second gig ever (after GNR!) and I am so incredibly excited about his return.
  2. Look forward to listening to these tonight, especially the Scooby Doo one. That (and Looney Tunes) really came out of the blue so intrigued to learn more. Amazing that you managed to secure Josh! Would be great to hear his thoughts/memories from Hard Skool as it’s pretty clear that’s him on the Rough Mixes version.
  3. Musically the GN'R version is good, I really enjoyed the Westworld-inspired piano opening to the song. Axl, however, doesn't sound so great on the song. For me, it would have been cool if they played it maybe 2-3 times max rather than keep it going the full tour.
  4. Haha! This was the ultimate GN'R facepalm for me. My friends still send me this GIF if I ever talk to them about GN'R...
  5. Definitely not just you, I had never heard of her. Wasn't completely sold on her version of BHS either!
  6. Not sure about this one. - GN'R live debut of BHS - May 27th 2017 (Slane Castle) - Chris Cornell Tribute show - Jan 16th 2019 I think it would be more a case of Axl being lined up to sing it with Soundgarden as he had performed it with GN'R for over 18 months by the time the tribute show took place.
  7. It's hard to predict. In previous tours they've arrived months in advance and in others they arrive within a few weeks of the shows. If they aren't there a week before the show I'd get on the case with SeeTickets. Good example - I had tickets for Faith No More in Brixton for June 2020 and received them before the pandemic shut down shows, these tickets are still valid for the rescheduled 2022 dates. Will be a bit bizarre using a ticket that says 2020 on it to get into a show 2 years later!
  8. I've said it before but we really are living in a truly bizarre parallel universe where Slash and Duff reunited with Axl yet the first song they released was Silkworms. Proves you can never second guess this band!
  9. Yeah for the first time in ages I've enjoyed reading updates and seeing whats happened. By all accounts a very good tour, and I am going to a couple of shows next year for sure (originally had absolutely no intention )
  10. Agree re: current state. Not sure he can come back from where he is - but - if you had told me in back 2014 that in 2016 he would sing for AC/DC and sound genuinely like he did in the early 90s I never would've believed you
  11. Oh absolutely - not in doubt. I was actually pretty terrified when they announced Axl with AC/DC because I wasn't convinced he could pull it off. Remember hearing the first bit of soundcheck from Portugal and being amazed and then seeing it in the flesh I as utterly blown away for 2 hours. It definitely is a frustration that he gave his absolute all for AC/DC and the perception is that he coasts for GN'R, but I'm so glad I got to see Axl give it 110% and give everything he has. My point was more that I would say AC/DC songs are generally more vocally challenging than GN'R as its using rasp in an even higher register (e.g. Back in Black, Hells Bells).
  12. Sorry I've seen this argument several times here. Is this the general consensus that AC/DC songs are easier to sing?! Axl/DC was the greatest show I've ever seen but Axl had to give 110% to make it that incredible.
  13. TWAT from Hammerstein 06 (not sure which date exactly it was) is my go-to Nu-GNR performance. For me it is unrivalled by anything else I've seen from Axl post-93 with Guns. Axl on absolute fire and the energy in the room is palpable even via bootleg!
  14. Yeah that was exactly what I thought too - a little easter egg for the hardcores.
  15. Long overdue! Very glad to see two "new" songs in the setlist! Will reconsider going to some of the EU shows next year now.
  16. Without trawling through the entire thread (sorry), has anyone actually called the number? 1-800-346-74(17)?
  17. Would love to have Atlas next but there will still be some poignancy to Brian May’s solo being superseded, even if it is Slash!
  18. Axl hates recording new vocals so much he even took parts from Eye On You . Don't get too upset with that comment, it's made completely in jest. I absolutely loved the demo of this song and the final version is even better than that. Great day to be a GN'R fan
  19. Works for me! As long as @Steve1899is kind enough to share the footage once sorted, would absolutely love to see it.
  20. I'm in Greenwich, can definitely help out if you need a way to digitise this footage. I don't have much experience but this cannot go to waste
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