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  1. My take on this interview was slightly different to how others have interpreted it. What I took away from it was he was quite happy/inspired to play with the CD-era guys and it seems that only after what could be referred to as CD-era 1 seemed to fall apart that it became less fulfilling. Richard has frequently talked about how he gets on with Robin personally and professionally and I think what is clear from interviews and other subtext is that the addition of Ron was especially frustrating for both Richard and Robin because they had re-worked the parts for 2 guitarists and Ron showed u
  2. Josh Freese is the man. Really wish he had stuck around but a guy that driven/accomplished deserves better than what GNR became.
  3. I have been on this board for more than 15 years and I can honestly say no-one has summed up the truly bizarre logic of how GN'R fans try and apply some sort of logic to the complete lack of action from this band better than this post.
  4. The record producer part is accurate - Brain talked about this in the below interview (starts at approx 30secs). The activist part, however, is very much up for debate!
  5. Not quite the new album we were hoping for... Strangely includes SOYL too. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-greatest-hits-to-be-released-on-vinyl-in-september/
  6. Nice! I like these! Unfortunately no international shipping
  7. Entire Pro-shot Download or the ones used for NITL selects (and footage on Sky Arts)?
  8. In all honesty really don't care what Axl looks like as long as he can get around the stage and sing. Will we hear new stuff... I'm eternally optimistic but I just don't think we will unless there's something concretely lined up for a new album.
  9. I guess this is the most disappointing bit for me. Axl/DC was without a doubt the single greatest vocal performance I have ever witnessed in my life. Axl was in a moon-boot and only a few weeks after Vegas so not a huge change physically, but he KNEW he had to bring his A-game or get slaughtered and his performance was truly mind-blowing.
  10. Maybe - but Download was a pure open air, so I don't recall hearing same when I was there too. Much more pronounced within a wrap-around stadium.
  11. Yeah for sure, can't see everyone and it's natural that people will be going in and out but my main point was that I could hear the echo of people singing along with that song for the first time in my life (seen 15 GNR shows), highlighting mainly how big the venue is and how many people there were!
  12. London 2017 first night I was in the golden circle - the first time in my life I've ever heard an echo from how just many people were singing SCOM in unison. SCOM is the song people run back from the bogs/beer queues to listen to.
  13. Absolutely, the Shackler's one I imagine to be quite different to the Shankler solo and as you said the one that is inaudible sounds a lot different to quite a simple solo on Shankler's. Going back to CITR, I checked the liner notes again and it actually lists a Robin solo which I'm quite surprised about - I imagine this is the quiet, under-the-vocals solo approx 3:40-3:55 @Voodoochild what do you think? Would absolutely love to hear all of the different solos by the different guitarists through the ages, would make a really intriguing listen! 7. CATCHER IN THE RYE(Rose, Tobias)Drums
  14. Oh Axl... I know I've been pretty outspoken about how I think Ron's CITR solo is horribly misplaced in this tune, but my god how he can go from a Brian May one to that is beyond me. In addition, would love to understand what alternative solos are essentially in the vault, e.g. Was there ever a Bucket or Robin Catcher solo? (in the years between Brian May and BBF) Was there ever a Richard Fortus SOD solo recorded? (he did outro solo live one Bucket had left). Interesting stuff!
  15. Yep sounds spot on to me. Thanks @Gordon Comstock for providing that snippet with cleaner vocals to help it; Axl certainly wasn't overstating it when he called them "Rough mixes"!
  16. Yeah fair play! Never really thought about it and this is the beauty of the forums! Now you’ve said it, I hear it more. Will take a few more listens to convince but think you could be right!
  17. Oh wow fair play. I think it’s May for 2 reasons: - Sonically I think it sounds like him. - May said that he was invited to the sessions because Robin had left and Axl had wanted his parts erased. Would love to hear the truth! Wonder if anyone will email Brian May in the same way in 2006 when he confirmed his work on CITR.
  18. Yeah I wasn't exactly saying this was definitive proof of anything, more an interesting tidbit. My personal take on it would be that it would show that Axl respects MJ as a musician. I would interpret this nod to MJ also meaning that, even if he did not respect the man, he would be able to separate music from the artist and still respect what he had accomplished in their shared profession. Surely if he considered MJ an abhorrence he wouldn't cover his song in a live environment?
  19. Not sure if anyone here has mentioned it but Axl sang some Jackson 5 as part of a jam on the first show of the CD tour in 09.
  20. Ok so... Appetite for Democracy is currently playing on Sky Arts...and it’s not actually anywhere near as bad as I remember
  21. Oh fair! Thanks for sharing, had never heard that one before! Matt is still fuming about the ‘additional musician’ credit now, so I can only imagine how raw it was back then!
  22. Are you referring to him meeting with Axl in 2006? For anyone not familiar, here is the story: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/matt-sorum-hangs-out-with-axl-rose-in-new-york-city/ Reason I ask is because in 06 Matt said he hadn’t seen Axl for 6 years, so quite intrigued to know what happened when they met in 2000! Hadn’t heard any info on that before.
  23. Yep 100% serious. They sound checked it at the Mexico show and a 15 second (opening) snippet from behind the soundboard leaked.
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