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If Chris Pit(t)man Released a Solo CD,


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He's so friggin' talented and the whole Gn'R thing is holding him back...

He needs a solo cd, and it would go straight to #1.

He can lip-sync, he can wiggle, and he can pretend to play a keyboard....

That's what the world needs....

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I'm sure it would be mind blowing and I'd buy it, but I hope he never goes solo. Axl would probably want the material for Chinese Democracy, and it would create a rift. Forcing Pittman to quit GNR, and thus causing a chain reaction. The departure of Finck, Fortus, and Stinson would probably follow soon, and we would have to wait years for Axl to rebuild GNR and Chinese Democracy.


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Somebody upload some vintage Chris Pittman for us to hear. I'd like to hear it. I've got two or three of Bucket's solo stuff. Had it not been for Guns I might of never been fascinated by his skill and uniqueness.

Same goes for Brain. He's a monster drummer. He knows all kinds of drum styles and technique.


GNR have incredible musicians currently in the band from start to finish.

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