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Music you hate that you like


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New Roses' thread about his love for pussycatdolls buttons made me think of this thread. Is there any songs or groups that you are ashamed that you like to listen to. Like you would be imbarresed if someone snatched your Ipod and suddenly heard what you where listing to.

Got anything like that?

For me I guess its:

Sugababes (a few songs)

Dido: she is hot and so is her voice :wub::wub:

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Oh, where to start? I have a bunch of really silly songs that my best mate and I discovered at one point or another and thought they were so ridiculously cheesy that we simply must have them! I think most are really old songs from the 50s or so.

Think this kind of annoyingly bouncy tune - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNptCYyDSCg :lol:

Ah, but I mustn't forget good ol' Cher - it started as mockery, but then we actually started liking some of her work a whole lot.

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Kelly Clarkson I like her voice rock3

GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!! :fuckyou:


Nah, just kidding. Like I said in the thread. it's ok. we all have our "weakness" And she got a good voice. But nothing compared to the little hobbit from norway. Who fucking beat her in world Idol rock3

Kurt Nilsen- my street

I actually like that song. and he has a really different voice.

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this thread is frightening but if anything i'd say it'd be bands like guns n roses, the stones, the who...coporate rock dinosaur basically n even them i umm, i like n the people who i espouse my "dislike" too realise its just me slippin into my little punk rock caricature but for a while, up until a coupla years ago i was actually like that...if it werent punk rock/experimental psychotically progressive stuff i hated or claimed to hate its guts.

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JT's Sexyback is addictive and I hate when I have something to do and MTV is on and Sexyback is playing, I have to watch it all the way through. Rihanna's 'SOS' or whatever it is called is another. The video is quite hot.

Really, I can understand how some people listen to shitty music, but Sexyback is just going too far.

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