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Selling rare 'Estranged' CD single on ebay...


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Hey all,

I recently moved house and am sorting through all my CD's and listing some on ebay. I recently listed the rare 'Estranged' CD single which I bought on import in 94'ish. I obviously still love Guns but i'm not really a collector anymore so I figured someone else may appreciate having this in their collection more than me.


Happy Bidding :)

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Just to clear a few things up!

It's my first post cos I post at HTGTH really and just view posts over here every now and again.

Secondly the single is rare where I live, which is the UK as it is not available in any STORES here and was very scarce even back in 1994 when it was issued, I agree it's not the rarest GNR item in the world but it's still rare! I'm not making anyone bid on it anyways, i'm sure there's a few people here who would love it in there collection and I just thought i'd let them know, don't shoot the messenger! ;)

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