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EAT MY SILKWORMS has conducted an exclusive interview with SEBASTIAN BACH!


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hahahhaa I LOVE IT!!!! :rofl-lol:

so awesome, you guys are funny! the questions are hilarious!!! Bach like always, his answers are priceless.. the question #4 hahaha! i think he took the tail thing off Blind Love (was it called that? the movie with Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow playing a fat chick)

wicked stuff! I'm definitely bookmarking elsewhere! :xmasssanta:

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How did you do this??

This is fucking great :laugh:

Through his myspace. We're working on interviews with various GN'R insiders and some oddball personalities as well, such as the vietnamese Youtube Axl impersonator.

:laugh::laugh:, gotta love the team at eat my silkwarms.

haha, yeah you got that right

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How the fuck did Jackamo ever get Bach. I still can't believ that shit! Sebastian fucking Bach!! He has so much damn enthusiam and love for metal, thats why. This guy lives off love, his Love for metal that is. Great guy and great interview. I can here his voice everytime I read that. Will we ever top that? I don't know if its possible.

Great work

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