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david haselhoff was a musician???

The Germans worship him!

Oh come on Adnan! When someone yells out "Backstreets Back" you can't tell me you can resist going "Alright!"

Thanks for putting Hinder on there! I hate the bands that try and be cool by claiming how 80's they are.

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personally.....i just dont know how you listened through those albums to be able to judge them :scared:

Tell me about it... It would have made my head bleed. :mellow: Still, I could find you heaps of albums worse than St. Anger or The Roots of Guns N' Roses, for example. And as much as I may dislike Britney's music, Baby One More Time was a breakthrough in the sense that it rejuvenated teen pop by mixing the old with some freshness in the form of catchy - albeit terribly soppy - hooks sung by an (initially) charismatic performer with a distinctive, if not accomplished, voice.

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The Hollywood Rose album has 5 fantastic songs on it... It's putting every song on thrice that takes the album down. But the 5 original songs are ace.

I think they're all awful. It's mainly Axl's shit vocals that bring it down. The alt. versions are better because Gilby, Tracii, etc. are better guitarists than Izzy.

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

does anyone really give a shit?

nope :)

i just don't see why people try to debate music tastes ;)

With no disrespect meant to you personally, vicious, because you are a decent guy:

What in the fuck else are we supposed to do in MY WORLD? If you post in this section, you should know a little something about music and enjoy talking about it. A huge part of that is debating. You people give Adnan shit for being too positive, and then give him this response when he makes a negative thread. I don't see why you even need to criticize his threads, they don't hurt anyone. If you want to participate in them, do so, if not, fuck off. What we really don't need is debates on debates on music.

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