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What is so wrong about going to see a band more than once..


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I was talking with my friends telling them about how many times I saw GNR last year, and that I was going to see the Killers twice, Frattelis twice..etc.

Anyway they all said "What's the point in going to see the same show twice? So I says to them, you go see a show a think "Woah that was amazing" Then you wake up the next morning and thing the same, only you say "I can't believe I'm going to see that again tonight :D".

Now obviously you guys are gonna catch GNR as much as possible as I would. For any other band would you go to more than one concert of a tour? Say if they were playing several night at the same venue(Like GNR at Hammerstien/Wembley for example)? Or at another place in the city? Knowing the set list would virtually be the same, and the experience being same.

I say, It's not like going to a cinema when you watch a film think it's good, but won't really see it the following day, because this is music and listening to mostly the same music everyday so why should it be 'wrong' to witness music live for more than one day?

What are you're opinions? :)

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