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Download 2007


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Yeah yeah, we all know the headliners could be better, but I think the lineup is shaping up to be good.

Just Announced:


Dream Theater



Shadows Fall

That adds to the current line up:

My Chemical Romance

Linkin Park

Iron Maiden

30 Seconds to Mars

Bowling For Soup

Bring Me The Horizon



Dimmu Borgir

Enter Shikari



Killswitch Engage


Lamb Of God

Machine Head

Marilyn Manson

Motley Crue


Velvet Revolver


Also, Dave Mustaine said:

"The last time that Slash and I played on this stage on the same day was 1988 at Castle Donington, back when it was called Monsters of Rock. So, besides Download being one of the most prestigious festivals in Heavy Metal history to play on, I'm looking forward to seeing if Slash will join me to play something like "Night Train" or "Mr. Brownstone" for old time's sake. Now, all I need is an old woman's scarf and George Michael's sunglasses."

So, VR and Megadeth will be playing on the same day.

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i'd say that's a damn good lineup... the summer festival series makes me really want to spend some time out in europe. killswitch is fucking KILLER live and i would love to see shadow's fall, lamb of god, new VR material, DT, buckcherry, dragonforce and crue... not to mention all within 2 days (or however long it is lol)

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Im fucking there!



This time, no pie is coming near my face..!


I got pied in the face by these random people with that creamy shit outside the aftershock tent.. :no:


I've heard things about the Aftershock tent from my pals. Hopefully, Ill be going this year :)

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Guest Jack_the_ripper

so wheres that whiny 14 year old bitching about MCR playing download. That line up is incredible, I want to shove his words in his mouth, chew and forcefully swallow. I guess some kids don't understand theres more to being shallow. Maybe he'll start missing this when it's gone, dumb kid... and now my rant is done.

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I gotta hope Crue, Maiden, VR and Megadeth are playing the same day...

Too right. I might just be doing a one-dayer like last time.

But this time very, very sober.

Friday Main Stage


Velvet Revolver - CONFIRMED

Dragonforce - CONFIRMED

Megadeth - CONFIRMED

Friday 2nd Stage

The Cult - Rumour

Saturday Main Stage

Linkin Park - CONFIRMED

Marilyn Manson - CONFIRMED

Evanescence - CONFIRMED

Bowling For Soup - CONFIRMED

Killswitch Engage - CONFIRMED

Saturday 2nd Stage

Motley Crue - CONFIRMED

Enter Shikari - CONFIRMED

Sunday Main Stage

Iron Maiden - CONFIRMED

Smashing Pumpkins - Weak Rumour

Dont Know Which Day or Stage Yet


Wolfmother - CONFIRMED

Bring Me The Horizon CONFIRMED


Dimmu Borgir - CONFIRMED

Devil Driver - CONFIRMED


30 Seconds To Mars - CONFIRMED

The Gallows - CONFIRMED

Machine Head - CONFIRMED

Buckcherry - CONFIRMED

Dream Theater - CONFIRMED

Shadows Fall - CONFIRMED

Turbonegro - CONFIRMED


Jack_the_ripper- you talking about me? :question:

not happy at all.. i want VR an maiden on the same day.. as i can only go for one day..

things may change though..

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This looks like an amazing festival. The kind that I'd fly over to England for... if I had the cash. Soooo many kick ass bands at once, this is insane.

Duuuuuuuuuude seriously? May look like a line up to wank over but you get way better festivals in Europe than that... cheaper too.

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