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the making of dont cry


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offa ebay but it obviously aint got here yet but i can't wait :lol: curious, anyone got it? is it good? just wanna know cuz every fuckin official GnR release is well...kinda lame? i mean those two tokyo gigs, i love em n all but...im sure they could picked better gigs, not complainin and obviously album output kicks ass but...welcome to the videos is like...pretty standard, all cool videos, but whats this like, is it like an extended MTV making of thing, is it interviews, is it just footage, whats it like? :)

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Yeah i got them all, I think my dont cry and november rain are american tapes though. I used to have a DVD of all three of them on one disc. Does anyone have? I'm interested in it. :)

i got all 3 on one disk...

but my dvd burner is broken so i cant trade.....

i sent a copy of it to the user axlmyhero so he might be able to help you out if

you really want it,,,,

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you know how much money they would make if they officially released all three on dvd?

No kidding. I have them all on VHS, but I'd go out and buy them on DVD if they released them.

What I loved about Don't Cry was green demon Axl. :lol: That was far more amusing that it should've been.

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