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Icky Thump


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What cha think about this review?

I've been listening to their first four or so albums and I'm stoked for this new one. Honestly, it felt like they stretched the simplicity thing a bit too thin and it's hard to listen to their stuff repeatedly when one song kind of melds into the next, if you know what I mean.

This one sounds a bit more bombast and hopefully a step forward for Jack White, instead of a step sideways, like the racoteurs album seemed to be. Not that the racoteurs was a bad step, just a different approach.

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^...the Black Keyes...even though I don't think i've ever head them, they sound familiar...?

Anyway this Icky Thump song....I really hate the name. It just sounds, gross. idk.

But man, jack's got a way with words! weird, but great song!

the black keys are another 2 person guitar/drum duet that's primarily blues based.

have you heard icky thump yet?

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