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Certificate expired or not valid?????????


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Its just the fact that they haven't updated the security certificate.If its a site you use a lot or a site you would consider trust worthy i would carry on regardless, as high said you can remove it form notifying you.

If you still feel uncomfortable then send them an email and wait for them to update the security certificate before doing any business on the page.

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VeriSign Secured.TM.

30/4/2007 21:47

www.guitarampkeyboard.com uses VeriSign services as follows:

SITE NAME: www.guitarampkeyboard.com


STATUS: Valid (28-Sep-2006 to 15-Oct-2007)




East Sussex, GB

Encrypted Data Transmission This Web site can secure your private information using a VeriSign SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission.

Identity Verified THE GUITAR, AMP AND KEYBOARD CENTRE has been verified as the owner or operator of the Web site located at www.guitarampkeyboard.com. Official records confirm THE GUITAR, AMP AND KEYBOARD CENTRE as a valid business

Thats the current certificate info for that site, your problem is explorer 7

Go to tools>internet options>content>certificates>then select the untrusted publishers tab.

It may be set as untrusted in which case remove it from there.

Other than that im stumped mate, its certificate is fine, i never use IE7, maybe you could try in firefox just to check it is a valid certifcate and then you will know its an internet explorer problem and not the certificate

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