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Updates, anyone??


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Given that this is the first day of the tour, it would be really nice if someone could get some live concert updates happening again. :)

Maybe someone in Mexico could SMS someone in the US. If nobody in the US is willing to organise the updates, then i'll be happy to hand my mobile number to anyone in Mexico through PM. Be warned though, i'm in Australia... :rofl-lol:

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Updates can be found at .... LINK EDITED OUT>>>>

If you got any send them to the admin at XXXXX or IM them on AIM to: XXXXX

Why would you be coming to our board to advertise your site and ask people to send your site updates?

If you wish to post updates here, then that's fine. Our members would greatly appreciate it.

But if you just want to advertise your site, then please use the Ain't It Fun section.

i guess there isnt any mexicans on this forum hey voltage.

im mexican!! :fuckyou: well but i live in mexico city not in monterrey and i'll be happy to send updates this tuesday to anyone that wants them

That would be great if you could provide updates on Tuesday!

Thank you! :)

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