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  1. Was it towards the end of the 2010 tour or was he that strong the whole way and just came back at Rock in Rio in 2011 with the lack of rasp?
  2. I wonder if we could get this out there to see if it could happen!? TFI Friday June 12th 2015, it's back!
  3. What are the chances if getting them on Jools Holland, it seems it would be the type of thing Axl would like as it's not so commercial. I'm surprised they haven't been on when they've been in the UK. Anyone know if they were ever supposed to be on it?
  4. 2001-2002 band was best musicallly live

    😂 The 2001-2002 circus band! A fuckin idiot with a KFC bucket on his head, Axl sounding like he's been castrated 😂 anyone who knew the Guns N Roses of the 90s were rather baffled when this shit appeared on stage lol! Terrible time for GNR.
  5. What the hell is up with him in that pic lol!?
  6. Ha ha it was meant to be out on iTunes in August wasn't it? How can that not even happen, how can everything this band do not happen when it is apparently supposed to lol.
  7. Live ERA 87 -93 YCBM Vocals....

    I don't believe any of it had been re recorded, it seems it's just cut and paste from numerous love shows. Are there any examples of the original live recording before they were tampered with?
  8. Hi, what is the best recording we have of rocket queen from 2010? I've searched on YouTube and there are some goodish ones but nothing close to a pro shot recording obviously, are there any pro shots of rocket queen from 2010 shame if not!? Thanks
  9. Philly 2012. What happened?

    http://youtu.be/mm2Spcs5_H8 And estranged with full rasp on the second half as it should be, why only this once
  10. Axl's jeans

    What jeans is he rocking at the moment, usually he wears True Religion but I don't think the ones he has on at the moment are. Anyone know?
  11. Ha ha awesome how do I save that to send to someone?
  12. La Bella Vita (New DJ Solo)

    Absolutely love it, he's been the missing link in Nu GNR for me and I for one love him and his playing, if this is an insight into the sound on a new album then I'm very excited!
  13. Yeah it was a fun experience ha ha
  14. Guns N Roses UK Birmingham gig 2012, got talking to a stunning girl after the concert round the back of the venue, was trying to find where the guys come out to try and catch Axl. Anyway, she's outside having a smoke so I ask for a light and we get chatting, then I notice that the door she's stood outside, in the room are about 20 people that have been at the gig. I ask her what's going on and she says it's like an after party or something and invited me in. So I go in and we sit down chatting. Next minute in walks Bumble, I get my pic with him and say what a great gig, nice guy. Quite a few people leave after this, the girl I'm with starts chatting to a few other stunning girls and they head towards the far door that leads back into the venue, she invites me with her. Next minute we're stood in a long hall way where I can see the tour buses at the end and a few back stage staff. Then walks over Del and Pitman, have a short chat, I think pitman was drunk. Then, some guy runs down and says, Axl wants you you and you, to these 3 girls, one of them being the girl I was with, and off they head toward where the tour buses are. The rest of us then get escorted out and that's the end of that. So, I'm then waiting with a few other people outside where the tour buses are, hoping to see Axl, around an hour later at about 3am, there's some comossion and out comes some people, one of them the girl I was with earlier, who is now either drunk or high on drugs, she shouts over to me, things are a little wild in there everyone's naked, comes over gives me a hug and heads off on her own down the road. Around 10 minutes later, out comes Axl with 2 girls, everyone's shouting, he stops and comes over to sign stuff, get my pic with him, cool guy. Then he heads back over to the tour buses where the 2 girls are, takes one on each arm and gets on the bus. I then head off half hoping that I see the fit girl who I was with earlier and maybe fuck her in the carpark but I didn't so I headed home. Ha ha.