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  1. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    How do you buy ticket only, the only thing I can see is ticket package with early entry at £300 each?
  2. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    It says that gold circle tickets for London are £300 each is that right!?
  3. Only 1 UK date?

    It looks like the golden circle tickets for London are £300 each is that right!?
  4. Hi, Was just wondering if any of you know/think there will be anymore UK dates apart from London, I would have thought if they were doing Manchester it would have been released now?
  5. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Only one date in UK, what are the chances of a Manchester date anyone know?
  6. Good god that's embarrassing! 😕
  7. Any pics of Axl from Jungle without the shirt tied round his waist?
  8. Amazing to see them back like this, just feels so surreal, incredible stuff.
  9. Hi guys, I am in the UK and want to be there for the Vegas show on the Friday the 8th. What are my chances on getting hold of a ticket and where? Cheers