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  1. Yeah big time, to be able to put on a show like they are for over 2 and a half hours, move around like he does and sing at the same time, is incredible. He's always been incredibly fit though, he looked like an athlete in the illusion days.
  2. I reckon he could do it, he is seriously light on his feet and in damn good fitness for his age.
  3. Ha ha that's brilliant. Any luck?
  4. Ok cheers, id love to see it.
  5. Ha ha, street of dreams im guessing, sadly no vidoes exist of this song from montreal from what I can see, shame.
  6. Any idea what song it was?
  7. Jesus, I wonder if he thought, that's the last time I do that, when he landed, looks awesome to, where was that at any video footage?
  8. Hi all, When was the last time Axl did the scissor jump? And what was the last show he did some running while singing on with good footage? Cheers
  9. Hi, Anyone know where to purchase the Harley Davidson t shirt worn at Wellington last night?
  10. How do you buy ticket only, the only thing I can see is ticket package with early entry at £300 each?
  11. It says that gold circle tickets for London are £300 each is that right!?
  12. It looks like the golden circle tickets for London are £300 each is that right!?