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  1. I firat gave up before Chinese was officialy released. Then I gave up in 2011. Then the reunion came went three years without a single new song in 2019. I gave up at that point.
  2. Given the guy wrote 2 songs and had some piano ideas in amost 40 years in the business, I dont think he can write songs at all. Maybe he has ideas but need someone else to fill in the blanks for him.
  3. I had the chance to hang out with Gilby the day after a concert he did in Brazil in 2009 or 2010 and became a fan of the person he seemed to be. Such a down to earth guy! Oh, and sorry for your loss.
  4. Wasnt Trump founding something UYI related back in the day? I remember reading it somewhere lol
  5. @op Slash is still the star on the show, Duff lost all my respect when he did the sex change sjw thing tho.
  6. Im brazillian, Ill check the translations out tomorrow and give you a heads up if anything is out of place!
  7. Hey Fernando, gimme the footage and a couple of jacks and Ill edit this shit for free just to compensate part of the shit this band have made the fanbase go thru.
  8. So, anything out yet? I work with media production, Im a designer, a motion designer and a video editor... it cant took three fuckin months to edit a live video lol If so, they probably need a new editor. It is beyond me why anything hav to be so hard with GNR.
  9. What if this flebeis account is actually fake? He never did anything to verify it after all lol
  10. Not trying to diss Duff or anything, but listen to this bassline with some attention. https://youtu.be/A6S5B98V7A8
  11. Are we living an alternative reality of early ‘00s? I think Ive heard that before and at the time, we also had a new Coronavirus circulating (Sars)
  12. Why bother putting the “yes” answer lol
  13. I like some tracks from it instrumentally but Myles isnt for me, aside of that, I think SMKC has been a very generic project since day one, I dont think commercial is the right word, but I think Slash lost a lot of his oldschool influences on these records compared to Snakepit. It really lacks that bluesy sleazy he had on Its 5 o Clock and Aint Life Grand.
  14. Im a Rick follower and GNR is not the only band that goes after him for his videos, theres a video of his where he says that a lot of his content gets strikes and arent monetized. Its just how this shit works these days. Love his channel btw.
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