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  1. Dude that sounds like shit. Sorry about your experience. We have a theater here in town that screens everything in just completely awful contrast for no reason. Even the college $1 theater literally two blocks down has excellent picture and sound quality.
  2. What a frusterating film. Its a movie about nothing. Stuff happens, and then more stuff happens. It looked nice, some performances were fine, and the creature design was on point as always. But tons and tons and tons of movies look nice, have fine performances, and neat sets, props, and CG. You need a story to have a good film. This one felt hollow, nothing special, nothing I cared about. If you're tryna see new images of Aliens killing people, it serves that purpose well. If you wanna watch a fun blockbuster movie with tension, good writing, and a good story, then go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 instead. Promethius could have been excellent, it has great bones, but just tries to be smarter than it really is and becomes confusing. This one does the same thing turned up to 11. Lotta poorly handled existential and biblical concepts that could have been excellent and refreshing for this series, if they hadn't have made it so fucking stupidly complicated. On a bitchy side note I just don't get why Ridley Scott made these new films as part of the Alien series. Remove all ties to Alien, change the monster design, and tighten up the writing and we could have had a completely new and formidable sci fi series
  3. Bannon or Priebus over the Kush ideally. But its probably one of his Nat Sec advisors Breaking: Comey will publically testify next Friday.
  4. To be fair, there are many that found the rape charge fishy to begin with, and I don't find it hard to believe that the US had a role in it, as it had a huge chance of getting him extradited back to the US. The timing of this is odd, but iirc he still can't just walk out of the embassy, as the UK would send him back here in a heartbeat.
  5. Ouch. Lorazepam is nasty stuff. My life was saved by medication for mental illness, and it's always frusterating to hear people act like taking meds is worse than living with pure horror and sadness 24/7. It's usually not. 90% of the time medication helps. That being said, Lorazapam and all benzo's are quite scary. I've seen friends drink two beers and pop one Xannax and it's like they're a completely different person. And of course the next day they never remember a thing. Benzos just knock you the fuck out of your own brain, hence why the benzo Rohypnol (sp?) was and is such a popular date rape drug. They also give a powerful high, and are quite addictive. It's possible that the benzo's had an effect like that on him, but it's also totally possible his family missed some warning signs, are in shock, and just don't want to believe it. Truth is we probably will never know, there is no test that can prove whether he would have done this with or without the drugs. I will add however that its quite unlikely that a totally mentally healthy person with no history of suicidal tendencies would suddenly be compelled to kill themselves because of benzos. He has likely been sick for a while. tl;dr stay away from Xannax, Kpen, Valium, Lorazepam etc
  6. He was. Apparently Obama personally advised Trump against hiring Flynn as well.
  7. Way to tee 'em up Sad day for grunge fans no doubt. RIP
  8. Just goes to show how often mental illness can go unnoticed until the end. Perhaps many can use this story to alter their previously held assumptions of depression and suicide.
  9. Confirmed: suicide by hanging. Tragic Edit: https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/05/chris-cornells-death-ruled-suicide-by-hanging/
  10. It doesn't have to make sense, and a lot of times it doesn't to someone on the outside looking in. RIP Chris Cornell. Never cared much for grunge outside of Nirvana, but Cornell was an extremely talanted singer, with many adoring fans
  11. Flynn delayed an attack on ISIS in exchange for money from Turkey. What a fucking mess
  12. The university side of town is actually quite nice.
  13. Well, he was pushing 80 and didn't seem to give a shit about his health. Anyone have him in their deathpool?
  14. Special Counsel appointed.