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  1. That's what she banned me for
  2. Some days I will be sitting alone in my room, randomly think about this and crack up . Jesus people were delusional back then. Also Chris Axl and his hat is gold lmao.
  3. Maddy was a horrible moderator, and was responsible for my first ban. But she really didn't deserve that outburst. It was super ugly. There was a better way to call her out for her mistake and or bullshit (although in the end she was right, people did get thrown out of shows for Slash apparel...) I believe we lost a lot of wonderful threads in the eric to Subsy transition
  4. Axl v madison was just sad. Wasn't long after that I gave up on GNR completely
  5. What are your favorite moments from this forums history? Sneakers at a wedding? D as in Delta? kevin owning Madison on the subject of metal detectors? Share with links if possible, I want to save a list
  6. That's how we wound up with Trump
  7. It's gone up since the inaguration, but its been pretty steady for weeks. IIRC it stayed pretty much the same even after the Syria bombings.
  8. I suppose the nutswingers are still firmly attached at the scrotum, and he must've picked up some neocons with his recent actions. I anticipated a bigger fall out from his nationalist base, looks like that hasn't happened yet
  9. It was a joke, although AxlisOld is a conservative/professional cynic
  10. Kendrick has never been that exciting when it comes to disses and shit. He's just not cut out for that kinda controversy. I think he'd do well to stop making awkward attempts at it, and stick to his better themes like politics and social issues. Still loving the album, although its weaker than TPAB imo.
  11. They didn't real do anything on the track, and it sounded natural on the album. I actually didn't notice the feature the first time. Tbh I bet Kendrick did that to bother rap fans and stir up a little music controversy. Sure enough it got a lot of skeptical headlines when it was announced. I thought it was kinda amusing tbh
  12. God they all look like such assholes
  13. The dude is gonna be a liberal progressive by the end of the fucking year
  14. On S3 E1, from The AV Club "And I have a feeling Vince Gilligan likes procedurals, too. Breaking Bad took great delight in detailing Walt’s crazy schemes to evade Hank and undermine Gus Fring. But on Better Call Saul, the procedural love is concentrated, pure and uncut, in the lengthy, frequently wordless sequences of Mike Ehrmantraut at work. For someone like me, watching the man at his unhurried business—matched by the deliberate pace of the writing and editing, which seems to accept that it’s gonna take as long as it’s gonna take—brings on a kind of delirious high. By the time it’s finally clear what he’s about, I’m grinning like a loon."
  15. Tucker I highly doubt. Doesn't strike me as a shady dude, and as far as I know has never had allegations over the course of his career. Surprised you hold him in any kind of regard, as his whole schtick is fairly transparent and boring. Hannity will probably stick around for a while too. His ratings may be the only thing that kills him, but with O'Reilly gone he may sieze the ebtertainment vacuum and flourish. Either way, both of 'em probably aren't going anywhere. Tomi and Milo were just a matter of time. Was kinda shocked O'Reilly went down so easily. We've all known he was a creep for years before this, yet all of a sudden people care. Don't get me wrong, if he's a creep in the workplace he should get canned like everyone else, it just shoulda happened years ago.