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  1. Looks like I peaked back in 2014. Simpler times.
  2. Its my first two days off in a row for ages, its sunny and 63 degrees in Illinois today, absolutely unbelievable. No home or relationship responsibilities, finally gonna just sit around listen to music and get trashed all day
  3. He also orders it with ketchup holy shit
  4. I guess its game over man
  5. I think its important to remember that is not Melissa's fault, nor is she an obsticle in the way of Izzy or Steven returning. That's a dumb reason to dislike her. Blame Axl or blame Izzy for their inability to come to a financial agreement that satisfies both parties. In fairness, she is unnecessary even in the context of the current lineup. I didn't find Pittman to be particularly neccessary either. I have the utmost respect and admiration for skilled DJs, producers, and electronic artists, but neither she or Pittman are ever really utilized in that way, nor does it make a lot of sense in a rock n roll band like GNR. Perhaps if she was to make significant contributions to a new album it would be a lil more justified. But I don't think we need two keyboardists tacked onto songs that weren't designed to have a pair of keyboardists. Also y'all making fun of her millenial slang? Jesus people
  6. Once we throw Rauner out of office next year and get back on track with the budget crisis, legal weed is inevitable here in Illinois. Rauner himself actually signed off on a huge decriminalization bill last year, effectively making up to three Oz's an offense roughly equivilant to a parking ticket.
  7. Eh. Who cares. They can have their 37 gender identities if they want. Much of it is confusing and dumb, but it isn't exactly hurting anyone, and we live in a free country allegedly
  8. I think he's done. He may flounder for a while, but he only had one good run in him, and none of his views had a strong logical backbone. He was never even all that important. Just a Tomi Lahren or Anne Coulter type. Once you figure out their game they stop being shocking and start just being gross and annoying. He never had a lot of substance, and so like I said before, it was really only a matter of time. He was never powerful or influential enough to change the face of conservatisim, and in fact most if not all of his fame came from liberal outrage, not conservative interest. Outrage over a one trick pony is always fleeting and unsustainable. Now that he has fallen from grace, liberals will start to stop caring. And as soon as Milo isn't offending liberals anymore, conservatives will stop caring too.
  9. Almost word for word what Milo said about his experience
  10. I wouldn't say he defended pedophiles, but his remarks were a bit disturbing and tasteless. Especially his transparant attempts to link the LQBT community to child sexual abuse. Either way, it was way too dark for the mainstream average American to stomach. His praise for the priest who molested him at a young age was particularly sad. Hopefully Milo gets help.
  11. Yeah, that was pretty dumb of Salon. 4chan conspiracies... meh.
  12. Looks like Milo is spiraling the drain. I suppose it was just a matter of time. Trolls never last all that long.
  13. Affleck is apparently pretty apathetic about continuing to play Batman. And his replacement director just walked too. DC's unstable movie universe is collapsing.
  14. Get the fuck out of here