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  1. Thats probably the only reason I'd support the idea of a Kenobi film. Palpetine Vader could only probably be pulled off by a talanted director with a lot of creative control. Unfortunately that isn't how Disney writes these movies, so I'd rather they just stick to safer films that can fit into a more traditional plot. If The Last Jedi proves that they can take risks and succeed that would go a long way towards my enthusiasm towards the spin offs. I have a feeling though that it will be pretty safe and straightforward, much like TFA. These movies are written by boardrooms and market executives, not screenwriters and directors.
  2. It kinda sobers up the near saint-tier status people put him in, which makes him even more compelling as an artists imo. Its also pretty hillarious because everytime I watch the IASIF episode where Danny Devito says "Poop is FUNNY" I think of Mozart
  3. There are now four GOP defectors from the Health Care bill, which is enough to sink it if voted on
  4. It was already a dicey concept anyways. Han's arc happens in the OT, not before. It would have been a tough endevor creatively speaking, to give us a compelling story that fits into the rest of the films. The cast and directors gave me a tiny bit of hope, but now this already fragile concept has taken a huge blow. They should have waited to do Han after Boba Fett. Boba is a blank canvas and you could do almost anything with his story, and it would've helped add more credibility to the spin offs to have two decent films already under the belt
  5. I disagree. They make fun, fresh, and critically acclaimed films. This isn't a good sign for production. They left with over half the movie already filmed.
  6. Suge Knight was hospitalized in prison recently after he collapsed at a hearing. Two blood clots in his lungs, and a possible brain tumor
  7. Prince Phillip is in the hospital. Get ready for four sweet easy points guys. Or you know, I hope he gets better or whatever
  8. I say again, this show is far better than BrBa. Less accessable to the average attention span with TV shows today, yet still full of A+ drama and tension. This season outshone every season of BrBa. Every character, every line, every geographically gorgeous shot is filled to the brim with the full potential of its capabilities. It is so patient, and so rewarding in a way that BrBa did well, but BCS perfected. God damn Vince Gilligan is brilliant. Its like The Wire in its pacing, except so much more saturated. Fine fucking television, fucking bravo. Wow. I got into this because I loved BrBa, I never expected to be this close to saying it may be the best television drama of this decade, even better then GoT, but here I am, and I'm saying it. Please watch this show.
  9. I trust Rogers to put out quality material, and I love quality material. (I'm a Floyd fan too, so that helps) The trend of older solo artists dropping solid material in the 2010 decade is also encouraging. I'll listen at work today and post my thoughts!
  10. I forgot about the Roger Waters album, I meant to check that out
  11. I'm trying to catch up on albums released so far this year, as there have been so many good ones in such short time. Anyone got anything in particular they've enjoyed thats been released recently? Any you're looking forward to? My favorites so far I See You - The xx Pure Comedy - Father John Misty DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar Melodrama - Lorde Crack-Up - Fleet Foxes No Shape - Perfume Genius Hot Thoughts - Spoon Dirty Projectors - Dirty Projectors More Life - Drake Culture - Migos Eagerly anticipating new material from LCD Soundsystem and Kanye West
  12. Lorde's new album on infinite repeat
  13. Perfume Genius just released a great follow up to their last (also great) album. They make some of the most interesting pop music I've heard Track from their old album of anyone is interested. Its a lot darker and heavier than the new release
  14. Conservatives are gonna be using a legitimate tragedy to try and stifle dissent for a while. It'll be interesting to see if liberals can play good D with the narrative. Seems like they are so far. The Blaze had to post an article shaming some random Twitter nobodies for saying stupid shit, which means they have nothing.