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  1. Sounds like a bomb went off at an Ariana Grande concert. Not good, I'm sure security will be ramped up for GNR..
  2. I don't think one minute of him singing in Oxford means he would be able to complete an AC/DC tour.
  3. Billy Joel will be at Target Field on July 28, GNR AT US Bank Stadium the 30th...wonder if they'll get together again?
  4. I thought the Target Center show in '11 was actually pretty good, don't remember baz being there though. Was pretty sad to see only 7-8000 people there.
  5. What did he say that was so terrible? He said some coming across the border were good people, but a lot were bad. Oh...the horror!
  6. What is wrong with wanting a wall that will help keep illegal immigrants and drugs out? Do you think there should be open borders? You have no idea how much heroin flows across that border.
  7. What if 8 years ago, Kid Rock brought out an Obama pinata hung by a rope? would that be hilarious? No, he isn't openly xenophobic. He doesn't want illegals coming into the country. Nothing wrong with that. He doesn't want terrorists entering the country. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. What if 8 years ago, Kid Rock brought out an Obama pinata hung by a rope? would that be hilarious?
  9. I guarantee they will not sell nearly as many tickets in America's heartland if this goes mainstream.
  10. It is a crime to enter the US illegally..
  11. If Hillary had won and this happened, would you care?
  12. Absolutely pathetic. He is the President elect of the United States, like it or not, you don't do this. I will no longer be buying tickets for Minneapolis, which I have waited a lifetime for. Sickening.
  13. Minneapolis newspaper..
  14. Sorry if this has been brought up, but is this a verified Izzy Twitter account? I don't see the blue check mark..