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Why does Led Zeppelin get compared to Black Sabbath?

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I have never met too many Tool fans (Tool were never that big in the uk).

From my experience Radiohead fans are cider drinking studenty arsefuckers. Oasis fans, vile louts. Axl fans, deluded to the point of insanity. With Zep fans, I find them to be too smug about their band and full of statements like, ''Zep are the greatest band ever ever and all other bands are crap'' or something like that. By the way, I like Oasis - and, obviously Axl - and to a limited degree, Radiohead. This is solely based on observing their fanbases.

Fans I like? Elvis fans. They are a bit mad. Mad in the same way as those people who collect Royale memorabilia (cups with the Queen's face on etc). But they are usually great people. Beatles fans are great (I am one) but perhaps they can sometimes come across as smug in the way Zep fans are about their band's greatness. Dylan and Neil Young fans are anorakish in the extreme. Gratefull Dead fans also. These people have, on average, six thousand bootlegs. I like that about them actually as I am bit of a nerd myself.

What about Michael Jackson fans?




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I am quite sure you could have a pint with a Jackson fan so: thumbs up. The problem with having a pint with a zep fan is - they would start talking about how ''Zepplin are the greatest band ever ever ever'' and how Bron y'r arse is a wonderful bit of folk elvin crap - before you have finished your pint! At least Jackson's songs do not contain elves!




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And while Sabbath and Purple are clearly 100% loud hard rock, I don't think that definition applies to Zeppelin.

Exactly Zepp played everything Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk, Acoustic, even Punk, Southern Rock, Reggae, Orchestral Music, Funk, Rock`N`Roll and everything in between I don`t understand why do some people feel urge to refute the obvious Zeppelin was better then all of their contemporaries Jethro Tull comes close second

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