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  1. Wow 35$ burger at Trump tower is a bargain, even then. Good for them, I love Trump.
  2. 14 Years (lyrics)

    I always thought he said astronaut
  3. She'll be Melissa Rose when and if he wants her to be. #maledomination #metoo
  4. I hope that Max Martin is the producer.
  5. How can you not see the difference between Adler-Sorum-Brain-Frank? Cmon, you gotta be deaf. Adler was the RnR swing, best hi-hat and that natural ability GnR has ever seen. Sorum was way too robotic and predictable, power without the finesse. Brain was power, style and finesse, the ultimate GnR drummer to me. Frank is a great drummer of course, but sort of falls in between of all others, does not have any skill better than the others kinda on the generic side - still rank him over Matt "Casio3000" Sorum. 1. Brain 2. Adler 3. Frank 4. Sorum
  6. 2006, should be dropped now really and ZZZZ moment in the setlist. I love CD, but Better has never been a top song to me on the album - most the album infact is BETTER in my opinion. Also gotta sai that Bryan "Brain" Mantia was the best drummer that the organization called Guns N Roses has ever had. Ever. Steven Adler follows, then Joshua Freese, then Frankie and then Casio2010 Sorum.
  7. RIP Malcolm Young

    I have never respected any band more than AC/DC. I have never respected any musician more than Malcolm Young. He has really meant a lot to me. Thank you Malcolm Young. Thank you.