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  1. Axl had his spokesman to do the talking. Let's have a little bit of....Arnold...
  2. Thanks....that's the one ! EDIT : Still a lot of songs left to be done (I thought we almost were done)
  3. Anybody knows what selects have been streamed untill now ? I think they have done 20 now or so. There used to be a schedule somewhere with all the songs we had and the missing ones but I can't find it anymore.
  4. ....and now it's time for the private gig in Vienna 2010.
  5. Also for me the best show I saw....downloading as we speak.....and then going back to Axl saying "Thanks for the memories" when he removed the gum. Waited 10 years to see it again and this Christmas the miracle happened ! Thanks to all who contributed....and ofcourse a big thanks for the special one.
  6. One rock song and one ballad ? I just heard "Weirdsong" that is on Youtube since 2010 already. Is that one of those new songs ?
  7. I actually have 2 guinea pigs....really. They don't fake things but they love to riot :-)
  8. Nice job... Maybe you also could try it for "TheGeneral" played in a club in Vienna. (that horrible cell phone recording I mean)
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