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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Honestly Toad's Treasure Tracker is the game I am most excited for. Anyone else play Super Mario 3D World?
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I was at GameStop today and ended up preordering Super Smash. Only one more week for Kirby.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Where? I have watched the trailer twice and haven't seen 4.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    I am going to raise my expectations and believe this will be a new Smash Bros. and not a port. Can't wait to play it. I am going to buy the treasure hunting game with Toad too. I know it's a port, and I know I am fundamentally against them, but didn't buy the original. Treasure hunting with Toad was a great side game in Super Mario 3D World.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Kellyanne Conway will be there to the end. She has nothing else going for her.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Kirby is the only game with a confirmed release date I am interested in. Hope to see a Super Mario Bros. soon.
  7. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I agree. Today's Pokémon bears little resemblance to the original Red and Blue that came out in the mid '90s. The concept remains the same, but I feel it continues to be pussified and watered down with each new release. I sincerely hope Game Freak caters to Pokémon's older fan base in the Switch release.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Kirby: Star Allies looks incredible. I admit. But this game needs to be good because it appears like the only good game until Yoshi 2018. Guess it is back to the Wii U. No good games for the Nintendo Shit *cough* Switch still.
  9. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    When I tossed my Switch into the trash can.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    @action, Because these Wii U ports are taking over original content the Switch could have had. We are seeing a rebranded Wii U. Virtual Console is different too. There is a difference between porting a game that came out four years ago and charging full price vs a game that came out 20+ years ago, is an instant classic, originally for a system that you can only find at garage sales, and sell the game for $10.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    There is a difference between A Link to the Past and some hack job some thirteen year old kid made on winter break. Come on. I am still waiting for Mario Kart answers.
  12. Nintendo Switch

  13. Sony SUCKS!!!

    I would trade in my Switch for a PS1. At least the PS1 has original games.
  14. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Don't waste your time. The Switch is easily the worst console I have ever owned. It is a $300 paperweight.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    I fucking hope so because 90% of these games are shit.