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  1. The Weed Thread

    I take cbd sometimes. Weed is way better but that goes without saying.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I donate ten dollars a month to ACLU and NORML. It isn't much but they represent ideals I believe in.
  3. Any interest in a new "Mafia" forum game?

    What? Please elaborate.
  4. Any interest in a new "Mafia" forum game?

  5. Nintendo Switch

    Wii U has the advantage unless they port Super Mario 3D World. Those are my standards.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    This game is impossible. I can't wait until Captain Toad comes out. I took the day off from work just to play it.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    I was a hater, but I am convinced they may have something special. The hardware is second to none. It is innovative, portable, and makes great use of its multipurpose capabilities. And the games are finally starting to show their potential. Not a huge fan of these indie games, but many people seem to enjoy them. I am a simple man (Really. I am). NBA2k18 is among the greatest sports simming games I have played, Crash Bandicoot works well with portability, Odyssey is another great addition to the Mario franchise, and Breath of the Wild is one of the greatest games I have ever played. Third party support seems to be stronger than its ever been. People are going to binge for weeks on that new Pokémon game.
  8. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Tetris is awesome. When I was younger and we used to brag in the schoolyard what videogames we have beaten, I proudly said Tetris for the DS. My friends always asked how you could beat Tetris, but yes. I fucking beat Tetris.
  9. The Weed Thread

    I think they have enough signatures for legalization on the next ballot.
  10. The Weed Thread

    Oklahoma allows citizens to petition to put initiatives on the ballot. This initiative, SQ788, gathered enough signatures last summer. The bill criticized opposition (of course), but what separates this bill from other state measures is how loose it really is. Patients do not have to have certain illnesses to qualify. Any condition is welcome so long as you can get a physician signature. Additionally, patients can grow up to six plants. Lastly and just as incredible, any person who is caught with an ounce and a half of marijuana is ticketed $400, however if they can prove in court they need it for medical reasons, all charges are tossed. That is right. In many ways, Oklahoma became the first south state to legalize marijuana for personal consumption. It passed with 10% margin and about a half a million marking 'Yes' to legalize.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Game changer for the Switch. Captain Toad and N. Sane Trilogy make the Switch a legit console with the current catalog. It is a great game. Yes, a re-release of a '90s game, but a great game nonetheless.
  12. The Weed Thread

    Oklahoma recently legalized medicinal marijuana by popular vote. This is a big step for marijuana. Oklahoma is a red state and was the first republican majority state to vote to legalize medical to this level.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah this game is great. Currently in my top three with Odyssey and NBA2k.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    I am at the store and picked up Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy. I can't wait to play it. Hopefully this is the spark this shit system needs.