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  1. right, but what i'm getting at is they allowed the KISS box to sit in a wharehouse for years instead of breaking it up like the GNR box.
  2. that would be cool. that goes to show they totally screwed up this release. this didn't even happen to the KISS $2k boxset
  3. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    I really liked DJ's TIL solo. Much better than Slash's.
  4. part of me laughs at Slash and Duff thinking they're gonna get Axl in a studio to record songs from scratch. The other part of me is scared and says oh no we're not gonna get ChiDem2 material.
  5. HBO minseries Chernobyl (2019)

    I finished it last night and thought it was great. Made me curious to read a book or two on it. I don't exactly get the "greatest show ever" hype but I also haven't paid much attention to it.
  6. Pretty common knowledge that Black Frog was the entity that Axl ran all things nuGNR through
  7. Could be. But knowing that they have always filed in CA I find that unlikely. You can still search DE though. I'm not that interested in finding the answer but I know a few people here probably are.
  8. I spent about 5 minutes searching this last night. I didn't find any "new" corporations or LLC. The original GNR, Inc is still dissolved while Axl renewed Black Frog Entities and Black Frog Music about two months ago. Again, I didn't really spend much time on it. Anyone can go search the California corporations site.
  9. indeed he was rumored. missed the boat big time by not asking that question!
  10. that Slash wasn't accurate. He was clearly 2016 Slash because he played too many notes
  11. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    after months of procrastination I finally pulled the trigger on upgrading my amp. I got a Rega Brio + Pro-Ject Vacuum cleaner from MusicDirect. Arriving Thursday! I only managed to get Weezer Teal on RSD since I decided to sleep in and go in the afternoon. I had to get Weezer Gems and My Chemical Romance online at a few bucks more than retail but still a lot lower than the outrageous prices. still looking for Green Day Woodstock but only at retail price. I'd be interested in The Crow as well if i can find it cheap enough.
  12. I have quite a few MOV releases, including the above Izzy albums. They also did Duff's Believe in Me recently. All of them are steller releases and I have no complaints. Give or take a decade ago they were known for putting out sub-par work but I haven't seen any complaints about their releases in recent years. The source they use for the vinyl pressing is sort of whatever they can get so sometimes its CD sourced. Nonetheless, i'm expecting this release to be solid and look forward to getting it.