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  1. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Came on at 7:45, fished a little after 11
  2. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Agreed completely. I totally forgot about the Lineman cover. THAT brought the crowd down way more than TIL or any other CD song. And yes, fuck NJ Transit. What a total disaster that they didn't have more trains going out of the City knowing there was a huge concert going on.
  3. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    That's definitely the case. And to be fair, this IS marketed as a reunion tour, which is going to bring in a larger group of older fans who haven't listened to the band since '92. So, when you have a reunion tour and the band is playing songs that two-thirds of them had nothing to do with, it's hard for people to find a reason to care who haven't followed the band since the split.
  4. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    The show was absolutely phenomenal, blew last year at Met Life completely out of the water. I was skeptical given how on and off Axl's voice is lately, but holy shit was he on last night. They all were. Axl, in particular, seemed to be way more interactive with the crowd and looked like he was genuinely having fun. He even came out during the encore and said Duff just told a funny joke backstage he wanted to share with us in the spirit of Halloween: every time you yawn, a ghost sticks his dick in your mouth. LOL My only complaint is the CD songs. The fans just are not feeling them. TIL noticeably brought the vibe down big time and, despite me being psyched for Madagascar, few people really got into it. I had to leave halfway through Patience because I had work in the morning and after the 11:06 train, there was no train back to Jersey until 1:22 a.m. NJ Transit is the worst. Overall, this was by far the best and most fun GNR show I've ever been to. If you have any doubts about seeing them on this tour because of what you're seeing and hearing in YouTube videos, don't. It was an awesome show in an awesome environment. I'd go back again to see them tonight if I didn't have to work late.
  5. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Fuck...so they're really gonna go on at 7:30 sharp??
  6. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Still no official word on who's opening? Trying to decide what time to get there.
  7. Steven burned his bridges after airing all the dirty laundry after his last appearance on the tour, unfortunately, otherwise I'm almost positive he would've been there last night. Izzy, I never expected. The fact that Axl didn't even once reference the 30th anniversary of Appetite last night was very disappointing, but also very telling as far as where he sees the band is right now. I, of course, held out hope that at midnight they would have done something special, but it was just the same old business as usual.
  8. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Blackhole Sun was a really cool surprise. I'd love it if they kept it as a regular and got rid of one of the other tribute songs in the regular setlist instead. Axl killed it. I actually didn't expect them to cover any of Chris's stuff and only thought Axl would just make a brief mention of him at some point throughout the show and that would be it. But, again, that was a really cool surprise. It'd also be really cool if they ever did a cover of "Promise" from Slash's album with Axl on vocals.