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  1. If I never hear them cover Wichita Lineman again it'll be too soon. That song is such a mood killer. I only listed to Slither so far...Axl must be sick, he sounded incredibly nasily. He also is singing it way wrong and needs to sing the verses in the same key he sings Brownstone, CD, Easy, etc. I would totally prefer to hear them cover Fall To Pieces, but this is better than nothing. It's so weird that he just randomly decided now of all times to do this song live.
  2. Well...I guess all we have to look forward to now is the next brief Q&A in 10 years for the AFD 40th anniversary lol.
  3. I think you're misunderstanding some of the comments. I can't speak for those who just randomly curse you out for the sake of doing so, but as far as the die-hard fans who truly care about this band; we just want answers. It gets tiring for us waiting around and having to rely on cryptic billboards and Facebook posts to find out what's on the horizon for the band. We all want to hear new music, obviously (not remastered music from the 80s), but I'd rather not get my hopes up if there aren't any plans in the near future for anything. All I personally want is some communication. Even if there's no news, that's fine. I'm cool with surprises, but with this band it just feels like we go 6 months with no news, then a tour announcement, repeat. It just gets tiring. Put yourself in our shoes - wouldn't you be frustrated, too?
  4. This band has, like, the worst management team in the world. Why does Fernando even care what's said about him on a forum unless there's some (mostly all) truth to it? This band has been shitting on their fans for nearly two decades, and now Axl's team decides the best course of action is to attack what remains of the die-hard fan base because we have the nerve to want to hear new music or an occasional update every now and then.
  5. I was under the impression that this was a photo book. Is it not? Or we don't know?
  6. It's nothing great, IMO. It just sounds like a pretty generic 80s rock song and if it originally made it onto AFD, it's probably a track I would skip more so than not.
  7. To be honest, most of the demos and LPs are stuff I'd listen to once and then only again from time to time if I'm bored and browsing through my music. I just wouldn't ever see myself sitting there and jamming out to 30+ year old unfinished pieces that the band never cared enough to finish because they knew it wasn't album-worthy. Don't get me wrong - I would never spend $1,000 on any music box set, but I especially wouldn't for a bunch of demos that have been fixed up and remixed to sound better. Shit, the only way I'd spend over $100 was if it included new music. And by "new," I don't mean previously unreleased stuff that was recorded 30 years ago.
  8. I agree, I could see someone who doesn't follow the band hearing the song and thinking it's new. And with the way the band is promoting it, I wouldn't blame them. They put together new graphics and a lyric video to make it seem like it's new.
  9. I've never been a fan of Shadow, and the new version doesn't really change that. Just don't dig it. It's extremely weird/aggravating that they're really promoting this like it's a new single, though. A t-shirt, lyric video, pre-order bonus, etc. It's like they want casual fans to think the new lineup just recorded this song.
  10. Only this band could put out a "new" single that would have their fans debating if it's actually a new single lol.
  11. I think it's cool they're doing something special for AFD, but the fact that there's not even an exclusive single by the new lineup greatly disappoints me, and pretty much confirms that we're never going to get any new music. I was really holding out hope that they'd put out a new single as a way to push sales, but alas.
  12. I just read an interview with Adler where he confirmed it's a box set, but no details as far as what exactly it'll be, though.
  13. Here's another question: why does it seem like they're advertising/promoting whatever this is in every country except America? Lol
  14. So, the general consensus is that this is just going to be a box set or something, right? I mean...is there a need to be so cryptic and do a countdown if that's all this is?
  15. 10/11/17 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Came on at 7:45, fished a little after 11